Monday, November 23, 2009

Shop til you drop

Another crook gets a slap on the wrist.

CV: A tearful former magisterial district judge Karen Holly was sentenced today to two years probation, including 30 days in a federal halfway house, for stealing $6,300 from her employer...Holly will be allowed to work, attend religious services and shop during her 30 days confinement, which won’t begin until at least Jan. 3.

Allowed to shop? This sentence was handed down by a federal judge but it reminds me of the punishment of long time Luzerne County employees Robert Pritchard and Carl Salitis who stole tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars and were sentenced to house arrest by then Judge Mark Ciavarella.

And what about the top dogs at the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority who became aware of the theft but didn't report it to law enforcement?


Anonymous said...

Gotta remember Richard Caputo is a bleeding heart liberal Clinton hack. Never getting rid of him.

Anonymous said...

"Shop till you drop" - This sentence is sick. Had that been one of us, we'd be in jail for one year minimum.

About the corruption - It may have been discussed but I may have missed it but I hope all of these crooks are losing their retirement/pensions too.

Dana said...

If someone is under house arrest, he still has to eat; "shopping" can mean going to the grocery store.

Several years ago, I supervised a driver who was under house arrest following a year in the big house. He had restricted hours, and I had to call his probation officer if he was stuck out on a job past his assigned time to be back home. (He was wearing an ankle bracelet.)

The man, certainly not politically connected in any way, did have a specified time he could leave the house on a Saturday to take care of grocery shopping.

Big Dan said...

She only took 6300, what's the problem??? It was OK when that guy took 1500 (the suit). 6300 isn't that much more!!!!!!!

Big Dan said...

Just "pretend" she took FOUR SUITS, then everything's "OK"!!! Or ONE really expensive suit!!!

Anonymous said...

She is STILL working as a Magistrate?!!! A year from now, you'll see the otherwise honest new poor, stealing food. We a bi**h like her in judgment of hungry people who just want to simply survive and feed the elderly and young?

There is a simple (yet simple solution).

1. Next round of elections--every senator (good or bad) every (house member) good or bad, who sit on the Law and Jusitice Committees and the Judiciary Committees should be replace! Dumpt them all and start anew.

2. Vote for third party candidates only if the promise to do the following:

A. They will introduce a bill to take away the self-policing powers of the judiciary and legal profession, giving it to non-legal professionals--ordinary citizens, drafted, just as juries or men were once drafted for military service. This is only way we're going to get the majority of the population reinvolved in civic life and responsibility.

B.Establish a civil corp of "special police" whose only job is to make unannounced spot inspections of any courts in the commonwealth to look for employment arrangements the suggest nepotism, favoritism and cronyism are in operation. This is not rocket science.

C. Pennsylvania has many college graduates who majored in Philosophy--you know, that "antique," useless cirriculum that nobody gets! This pool of people would make the best trained thinkers to staff a bureaucracy of "judicial police." Most have a high sense of "justice" and can smell sophistry at 5000 paces. There is something to be said for teaching civics and the humanities. Give these "useless" jobs and you will see an efficient, safe government that people can once again have faith in.

Upon completion of the writing of the U.S. Constitution, “A lady asked Dr. [Benjamin] Franklin, ‘Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?’ ‘A republic,’ replied the Doctor, ‘if you can keep it.’” This anecdote is more relevant today than it was in Franklin’s day, as the recent judicial corruption Luzerne County underscores it. Luzerne is hardly the aberration.