Monday, November 02, 2009


The Luzerne County Controllers race has been the hot topic on this blog over the last few months with 2 of the 3 candidates even mixing it up in the comments. I've taken some guff from a radio talk show and others for allowing you to vent your spleens with sometimes unfair comments but as I have said before this a free speech zone but if you think that something is out of bounds send me an email and I will consider deleting it. No one has objected to any comments although I did delete a few that were tasteless.

In the Controller's race I stick by my original analysis. This is the first time in a very long time that having an (R) after your name is an asset in a county race. That is why there was a crowded Republican primary and oddly only one Democrat sought the nomination. I thought that Walter Griffith (R)would win a head to head matchup with Bob Morgan (D) and a long time Democrat from Pittston, Wil Toole, being on the ballot even if he is running as an Independent probably sealed the deal.

If the Republicans don't win this one they may as well shut the doors to their campaign HQ in downtown Wilkes-Barre and go back to all their backstabbing and begging for crumbs that fall off the Dems plate that has gone on for years.

Griffith wins big with 50%+ of the vote with Morgan 2nd and Toole finishing a close 3rd.

On a personal note I like all 3 gentleman. Walter has been a "pain in the ass" for a long time and is tenanacious when he thinks something is wrong. Bob Morgan is very qualified but has the unfortunate luck of running in a Republican year. When I first heard that Wil Toole wanted to be the fiscal watchdog of the county I laughed it off because of his Pittston overtime controversy and numerous lawsuits over health insurance and other things. After seeing Toole in action at the LuLac Debate debate and talking with him afterward I changed my mind. He has a world of knowledge about the way local government works and has many good ideas to improve county government. Despite his past baggage I think he is in this race for the right reasons.

Whoever wins this race I think it would be great if all 3 candidates got together after election day and brainstormed their ideas on how to improve things


Anonymous said...

If Walter wins the county is fucked. He may be a nice guy, but he is unqualified to be controler.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I agree. The Controller must have some semblance of knowledge and working a one man garage and heading a barber shop quartet organization, even if it were world wide just doesn't do it. I feel bad for the county if Walter wins and I really do feel bad for Walter. When he does realize that he is way over his head, it will be to bad because there is no out and the public awareness of his inability to do anything but criticize will devastate him. Not to be mean but I am a taxpayer of some pretty big bucks so I'm a little selfish. I'll take Morgan or Toole but honestly prefer Toole's hands on experience. I agree with Gort's analysis of Toole. Sorry Walter.

Joe Valenti said...

I agree with your picks. But over 50% for an R in Luzerne County in a three way race is even a bit for this Republican to concede.
Joe V

Anonymous said...

Griffith 38%
Toole 35%
Morgan 32%

Toole may even get closer, and I won't be amazed if he sneaks this one out by a couple votes.

Look at it this way, he's articulate, folksy and surely knows the issues and the workings of gov't. He has played the independent card perfectly, so folks who don't know him will look at him as a breath of fresh air, taking votes from Walter.

His political buddies (calm down Wil, it's OK if you have them so you don't have to write a 10 page response) will support him because they're his friends and they know that he's loyal to his friends. All his friends take votes away from Morgan.

Add that together and Wil is a formidable candidate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but your poll isn't worth shit. I noticed that when I voted, it registered for Toole and also for Griffith. Another friend tried and the same thing happened. Then two friends called me because they tried to vote and nothing would happen. The poll is no good period. It is amazing that Toole got as many as he did considering the way it is rigged Republican. Besides, there can't be that many stupid people in the county.

Anonymous said...

I see Toole with 39% Griffith with 33% and Morgan 28%

The Prognosticator

Anonymous said...

I heard Griffiths commercials and all i know is if he is willing to lie before he even gets the job we are screwed if he wins. He states that he is the only candidate that pledged to be full time, well i watched the debate and all said they will and Toole said it can't be done part time. If griffith runs such a successful buisness then why is it getting shut down foer 35,000 a year. He is a one mad band with a hurting buisness and needs a job plain and simple. Listening to this guy scares me that someone that dumb can get the endorcements he got.

Watch Dog,,,bow wow what a dumb ass

Wil Toole said...

Good morning and thank you to all who have made kind and complimentary comments about me. I tried to keep my campaign efforts focused on the issues and refused to reach deep for the negatives. Regardless of the election result, I enjoyed the challenge and the complementary comments on my knowledge and governmental expertise was and is greatly appreciated. Voting is important and I encourage everyone to take the brief moment it takes to cast your ballot. Do it to honor all who paid the ultimate price for this privilege. Have a wonderful and healthy day. Wil Toole

Forrest Gump said...

Please, please don't vote for Walter Griffith!!!!!!!

Although well intentioned, he has no clue and no background.

Either of the other two have diverse background and experience.

This is the one race, where I won't vote for a Republican. Renita Fennick, when he screws up the works, and he will if elected, I hope everybody comes after you for endorsing him.

Anonymous said...

I was all set to vote for Wil Toole, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I voted for the Dem whose name I don't even know.
Never gave Walter any serious thought. He is a guy who just hungers for attention and he is willing to spend money or say anything just to get it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18. that was genious, NOT

Anonymous said...

Walter will win because the folks know that he won't intentionally take them for a ride. Even if he should make a mistake - everyone makes mistakes - one man is not going to accidentally sink the county. Luzerne County would be better off with a controller who will honestly attempt to keep track of the cash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:16pm that is called the lesser of 3 evils. The truth is each one of these candidates suck! The Dem didn't get his message out. Toole is so full of crap, with he revisionist history, I don't know how he waddles straight. Walter is a nice guy, who hasn't seen an office he didn't want to run for, but if he wins will be in so far over his head that we will be doomed.
The sad fact is one will be voted in my the end of the night and no matter who it is the County will be even worse off than it has been . And that is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Walter will not intentionally take them for a ride? Perhaps, but his incompetency could get us more law suits than we have had. Well we will know for sure tonight. Whatever happens I still have to get up tomorrow and go to work.

Gort said...

I deleted the last 2 postings.

Please keep it clean and not wish ill on other commenters.