Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's fixed

My computer underwent a successful hard drive transplant and all systems seem to be working fine. The good folks at Custom Computers in Kingston ordered the parts, installed them , gave it a good cleaning and made sure the thing wasn't haunted by worms or Trojan Horses, etc. Bob Sr., Chris and the crew have been great to work with over the years. Whenever I have had a problem or question I pick up the phone and call across the river instead of the other side of the planet. I highly recommend them.


Anonymous said...

Damn good thing. One more day and I would have suffered withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

So back at the ranch ......... How about Petrilla firing Dug Richards? I hate to wish anything bad on anybody but Petrilla better hope that Richards is in trouble with the Feds or the county will have another law suit "we" can't win. If Richards doesn't have a legal problem, how can she justify comments like "He wouldn't come clean" and not allowing him to resign but fired him. Again, if he hasn't done anything wrong, how can she demand a reason for his resignation? Can't an employee quit a job with giving a reason? For Richard's sake and that of his family, I hope that Petrilla's insinuation is not true and he left for his own reasons and not that of the Feds. By the way, how can Petrilla fire a person without a formal action by the Board of Commissioners?

Anonymous said...