Friday, April 30, 2010

State Committee

Today we have the THIRD candidate for the PA Democratic State Committee giving her pitch. I have few more in the pipeline from both Dem and GOP hopefuls and will post one per day.

Full list of candidates on the Luzerne County website.

My name is Sabrina McLaughlin and I am running for Democratic State Committee. I am 28 years old, a resident of Conyngham Borough, and a graduate of Wilkes University and SUNY Binghamton. I am the daughter of a single mom and a military dad who spent most of his career with the USAF serving overseas. My grandparents also had a very influential role in my upbringing—they are hard-working blue collar labor Democrats who raised me to understand the value and the potential to serve others that is represented by the Party of F.D.R. and The New Deal, of J.F.K. and L.B.J.’s “Great Society”. I do not come from a family that is very well-connected when it comes to proximity to political power, but by their modest example my parents and grandparents taught me the importance of patriotism, political awareness and activism, and public service. In my professional life I have worked in the educational sector (as an adjunct professor at LCCC), and I have had opportunities to work for the Democratic Party professionally, most notably as a junior staffer on the Obama-Biden campaign in 2008.


This is my understanding of the duties of a State Committeeperson—as a member of the State Committee, you are expected to represent the voters of your county at 3 State Party meeting per year. At these meetings votes may be cast on the endorsement of candidates, and decisions are made about the platform of the Party, and the goals, issues, and principles that are most important to Democrats. If members are unable to attend they are to send someone to vote for them by proxy. If I am elected to serve I pledge to attend every meeting—I would only send a proxy in my stead in the case of dire family emergency or severe personal illness, and for no other reason. The work of an effective State Committeeperson should not end with attending the necessary meetings, though—I see this as a year-round responsibility, and an effective State Committeeperson should be working as much and as often as possible in voter registration efforts, and in informing voters on issues, candidates, and the business of the Party. As a party official, I would actively seek comments and opinions from the Democratic voters of the county, and I would make sure that feedback from voters is conveyed to and acknowledged by the party leadership. I believe it is also important for members of the State Committee to hold each other and other party officials accountable, and we must do everything we can to hold the Democratic Party to a very high ethical standard and to make sure that we are truly representing and advocating for its best principles. Members of State Committee should also do as much as they can to help strong, worthy Democratic candidates with their campaigns for elected office. I feel very confident that I can promise to do these things—and that I will be able to keep that promise if elected—because I am already challenging myself to do them.

Regarding my motives for seeking a more visible leadership role in the Democratic Party—one important reason I am running for State Committee is because I strongly believe that it is vital to have a variety of generational perspectives represented in political leadership. In discussions with local voters over several years of active political involvement, I have come to realize that there are sometimes deep divisions that exist between the generations—between more youthful voters, my generation of older 20somethings and 30/40somethings, middle-aged folks, and senior citizens. I sincerely want to work very hard to bridge these gaps and improve communication and cooperation between voters of all ages. We have more in common than we might think when it comes to important issues, and we are all stronger when we are working together for our mutual benefit. I believe it is also very important for strong, well-informed, and politically independent women to share in a more visible leadership role in our local and state Democratic Party. I will challenge myself to help provide that leadership, and will provide mentoring and encouragement to other women—especially younger women—to become more well-informed, and more politically aware and active.

In this primary election, there are more of us running for Democratic State Committee than there are available positions—voters will have to choose a selection from among us, and every vote is critical. I am 3rd on the ballot in the list of candidates running for State Committee—I am respectfully asking for your vote, and I promise that in return I will hold myself accountable to you and will work hard to have earned your trusting me with this responsibility.


Anonymous said...

I get it, let's see, you're a victim who believes - take from one and give to another according to their needs. You want to be the taker.

Anonymous said...

...."I promise to obey the Democrat masters, no matter how much the send America into the abyss"...

Bill from Wilkes-Barre said...


You've got my vote. Sounds like you've given this a lot of thought and are willing to take the time and offer the commitment that is needed.

Good luck.

Pizza Pete said...

5:08 and 7:19, both of you go back to bed and try getting up on the right side. What's with you tow? Where is there a pity party noted and why the bashing for being a parry loyalist? Sabrina did not say anywhere in her post that she want's to be in line and taking orders. She did say that she will hold herself accountable so you two Chauvinists can crawl back into your angry little hole and go to bed with no pizza. Sabrina gets the official pizza endorsement and with it comes the special topping, my vote!

Stephen Albert said...

She's got my vote...clearly very bright, enthusiastic, and interested in making a difference.

Mark said...

Cute, bright, engaged kid and all, but...

Marc Cour, who Gort calls the Blogfather because his original blog, Wilkes-Barre Online, was the first locally, had a cynical take on the candidates.

"Basically, they want to use us," he said.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Dear little skull full of mush: Your little parade of helping people is great but fails when you run out of spending other people's money

Jeannie B. said...

I had the great pleasure of working with Sabrina during the Obama-Biden 2008 Campaign. What comes to mind is her dedication and great attitude, especially, in challenging moments. In the words of Albert Einstein: "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character". How one faces challenges in life plays a big role in their outcome. I have no doubt in her abilities. I trust her to represent us. It has been said that leadership is practiced hot so much in words as in attitude & action.

My advice to Sabrina, stay focused, keep your great attitude and dedication. In the words of J.Whitcomb Riley: "The most essential factor is persistance, the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement...".

(i.e, like the meaningless one-liners from ALL the "ANONYMOUS'" above who's ridiculous comments didn't warrant his/her real name.

Kathy Dobash said...

Nice photograph!
Perhaps we will 'run' into each at another point in time and stop to chat about local politics.
I like your comment about generational perspectives.

We need more young adults in the county to be involved and engaged in the changes here.

We both live in the southern region of Luzerne County.

Good luck.

Kathy Dobash said...

I do not believe in over spending to achieve goals.

We are digging too deep of a hole.

You are young. Struggle a while and perhaps someday you will switch parties like I did.