Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gary Johnson for President

2 term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is the headliner of the PA Libertarian Party Convention starting Friday at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre. Johnson started off running for the Republican Presidential nomination but the networks decided he wasn't a serious candidate and excluded him from those very entertaining debates. How they decided that the pizza guy was more credible than a 2 term Governor is beyond me.

The Libertarian confab is also being billed as the Restoring Liberty celebration with speakers addressing the legacy of Dr. King and a Green Party perspective on ballot access.

A couple of agenda's have been posted

Libertarian State Convention 2012 - April 20th - April 22nd


This is confusing and dilutes the identity of the convention just like trying to turn a political event into something else.

A Ron Paul Bus trip is scheduled for Sunday.

Some music is scheduled with IDOL Contestant Krista Branch , Justin Haigh and more. Some of the other speakers include Lou Jasikoff, Robert Mansfield, Betsy Summers, Dave Madeira and Carl Romanelli.

I hear that Betsy Summers will be running for PA Auditor General again but not have heard that any Libertarians or Greens will contesting the Congressional or State Rep races. In 2010 3 Libs made a run for State Rep locally.

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