Sunday, April 08, 2012

Meet the candidates

120th HD State Representative Phyllis Mundy is hosting a rally for 17th CD candidate Matt Cartwright on Thursday in West Wyoming. Phyllis is bucking the trend of the local county committees and other office holders that have endorsed Tim Holden. She has always gone against the grain that's why she has moved up in the rankings being my 2nd favorite state rep just behind the guy that introduced the Viagra bill.

Pittston Politics reports the powers that be will having a Happy Hour for Congressman Tim Holden on Friday, April 13th from 5pm-7pm at Bo Brother's Restaurant. Let's hope he shows up.

Thursday is going to be a busy day. Democratic 11th CD candidates Bill Vinsko and Gene Stilp will face off at Wyoming Seminary at the same time and the Luzerne County Democratic Committee has a rally scheduled at the Ramada on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. So far Holden has refused to debate Cartwright.

Flyer from the Cartwright camp

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Anonymous said...

Your own column shows how deceiving the Cartwright campaign or Phyllis is. The poster you show was changed because they tried without permission to make it look like Bob Boyer a Holden supporter was backing Cartwright, when in fact he was only catering the event.