Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closing arguments in the PA Attorney General race

Kathleen Kane is highlighting her endorsement by former President Bill Clinton who said “ she has a steel spine and a caring heart.” My friend Tom of NEPartisan went to the rally in the Philly suburbs and was wowed by Clinton just as I was when he came to Nantikoke to get Congressman Kanjorski reelected 2010. That worked out well for Kanjo. Clinton was paying back Kanjorski for his backing of Hillary in the 2008 Presidential race and he is paying back a similar chit to Kane .

This race started out with 2 very attractive candidates touting their credentials to become  the first elected  Democratic Attorney General in Pennsylvania history. Just like most races the closing days have seen both camps attacking the other. The knock on Patrick Murphy is that he took the bar exam in Minnesota instead of PA and hasn't prosecuted a case in the state      NEPartisan has a video of Patrick Murphy that was shopped around by the Kane campaign. VoteVets  pushed backed saying 
the campaign of Kathleen Kane has demeaned the service of Patrick Murphy in the US Army, by claiming he has not been a prosecutor, despite the hundreds of cases he tried in the Army

The hits on Kane are more substantial. Borys noticed that Kane is talking out both sides of her mouth on the Employee Free Choice Act also known as card check. Her family's trucking company Kane is Able is non union and their drivers make substantially less than unionized drivers. Most of her campaign money has come from her husband and other family members to the tune of 2+ million dollars. I talked to a Kane driver on Friday who told me he and his coworkers were miffed after hearing that news. She denies being an executive of Kane is Able but signs FEC reports as an executive of Kane is Able. Kane's claim that she has prosecuted 3000 cases has been scrutinized but only a few dozen have actually gone to trial. In this day and age of plea agreements very few cases go to trial. Above Average Jane casts doubts on her claim to be a certified  elder abuse lawyer. Murphy is hitting her for contributing money to Tom Corbett's Governor campaign.

Then there is fact that she doesn't pay her parking tickets.

Kathleen Kane had 15 parking tickets dismissed

Whoever wins this race I'm sure that either one would be a better AG than David Freed
The closing ads.

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