Sunday, April 22, 2012

Norton is back

After a 2 year break the only WNBA fan I have ever met is blogging again. He and Buzz didn't catch on the west coast so they loaded the Univac 3000 into the VW microbus and came home.

One Vote Counts is back on the blogroll.

I also added my favorite recovering politician turned radio host Dave Madeira's site.

The David Madeira Show


Mark Cour said...

Great. Wonderful. Norton the gonad-free pretender is back in town.

Yet another useless dingleberry hanging out at the far end of the wading pool reserved for anonymous cowards. Pussies, we used to call them.

Eff him and the anonymous horse he rode back in on.

Gort said...

If you would bother to wander out into the political world you might understand why Norton and me use a pseudonym. Just about everybody know's who we are.

Ask Kayak Dude about this.

Mark Cour said...

Uh, cute and all---nice try--but wasn't it I who penned the Kayak Dude thing? Wag your finger at someone else.

As for the illustrious Norton, being a chicken sh*t is was it is.

As to your true identity, hey, you're the one who came into this thing wearing a mask, not me.

Markie in Nord End

Otherwise known as Mark Fu>king Cour!

Mark Cour said...


A Times Leader reporter told me many years ago that I ought not write anything when agitated to the point of being angry.

As of this moment, much to my dismay, I am the poster boy for anger.

Give me the rarest of rarities, give me a pass.


Gort said...

Anytime my friend

Anonymous said...

Norton's Back!
Whatever happened to Ralph Kramden?????