Saturday, April 07, 2012

Gene greets Mitt

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Morning Gort,

Attached is the picture of me confronting Romney on Thursday at the Romney event in the 11th District. With a firm handshake and with direct eye contact he was shocked when I said, " Governor Romney, I am Gene Stilp, a Democratic candidate in this 11th district, I want you to know that I am totally opposed to the Republican budget that you support." His eyes got wide and he withdrew. Thanks Gene

“He’s going to talk about energy today and I’m trying to give the other side, of protecting our most valuable resource here, water,” Stilp said. “He wants to take away all regulation, and also he wants to extend the huge tax breaks that we already give to the gas industry.”...Duke Barrett of Dallas Township, a member of the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition, questioned whether Romney’s support of domestic drilling really offers the energy independence for America he purports it will.
“Any energy policy that allows exports on the world market to make profit is not patriotic and certainly does not give us energy independence,” Barrett said.

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Anonymous said...

It was sort of funny hearing Romney bash President Obama for supposedly stifling energy development - while in a county where the drillers are having a free-for-all. That's exactly why his hosts, Mountain Energy, are making so much money. No one is stopping anyone from drilling. I live up here, so I know. Guess Romeny kept the shades drawn on his limo.