Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking to the fall: President and US Senate

The last time a Republican Presidential candidate won Pennsylvania was 1988 but it looks like we will be a battleground again. President Obama beat John McCain 53%-46% in 2008 but many people expect it to be closer this time.I haven't heard what Mitt Romney thinks of the height of the trees in Penn's Woods.We already know what he thinks of our cookies.

Bob Casey won handily in 2006 blowing out Rick Santorum by 17% in a very Democratic year. Tom Smith has deep pockets so expect this one to be more competitive than many people think.

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Pope George Ringo said...

It may happen in bible belt states and in congressional districts but there's no way on Earth that a Tea Partier like Smith is going to carry a statewide race in PA.

Casey is very popular and pro-life; he will take the Northeast and Philly--guaranteed. The rural areas will go for the neo con.

Close but a win for Obama but a definite win for Casey.

Bless YOU!