Monday, April 09, 2012

Poll: Cartwright leads Holden

From the inbox:

Holden Falls Behind
Poor Poll Numbers Result in Desperate, Nasty Ads

MOOSIC, PA – Recent polling in Pennsylvania’s newly drawn 17th Congressional district shows Matt Cartwright leading Tim Holden with less than three weeks until the Primary. (The poll was conducted April 2-5 with 600 likely Democratic Primary voters.)

Matt Cartwright now leads 42-36 against the 20-year incumbent. The Cartwright campaign has not yet mentioned Holden in any advertising, while Holden has started his second negative ad, an obvious result of his own polling. Just as troubling for Holden is the fact that he is running in a district where his vote to create the Halliburton Loophole and his vote against President Obama’s groundbreaking Health Care Reform are highly unpopular.

“While I’ve been focusing on issues that affect the lives of the people I seek to represent, Tim Holden has focused on me,” points out Matt Cartwright. “He can’t win on his record, so he wants to tear me down. This is politics at its worst. The say anything, do anything approach to win at all cost. I learned from my father to always tell the truth and to never tear down another man just to build yourself up.”

Tim Holden has refused to hold any debates. He is in the middle of a two week congressional recess, yet his website lists an office opening on March 31st as his most recent campaign event.
“Again, if he discusses his voting record, he loses,” says Cartwright. “So he hides behind nasty TV ads. The people of northeastern Pennsylvania deserve better.”

Matt Cartwright is a Democrat, running for Congress in the 17th Congressional District, which now includes parts of Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe and Northampton Counties, as well as all of Schuylkill County. Cartwright is running for Congress to bring jobs to Northeast Pennsylvania, and make sure that corporations and wealthy Americans pay their fair share of taxes.


Anonymous said...

Where did they take this poll, Glenmaura? Do you print word for word anything Matt Cartwright sends you? A little while back you and another one of the far left blogs ran a story that read exactly same. The poll I heard about had Holden up by well over double digits. Anyway we can agree there is only one poll that counts and thats in 2 weeeks. Unfortunatly for Cartwright the campaign finance reports are due in a few days, then we'll see how much he raised and how much Mitt, opps I mean Matt put in from his own fortune. I'm sure it will be put down as a loan paid back at a nice interest rate.

Anonymous said...

Where is said poll you heard about?

Anonymous said...

Poll is easy to find. And using the word 'poll' might be debatable. In fact, Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies is a database somebody online designed to gather politican prognostications from the online trollers of the night.

Here it is:

Over 8,000 contributors log on and participate in adding "data" to it. You can well imagine one of these two campaigns has more Internet know-how and is working feverishly to boost their candidate.

So, no, this poll is nothing scientific and is certainly not conducted with anything like what a real political poll would be. Calling this a Gallup-like poll would be lending credence in a manner like calling Beavis n' Butthead the new American intelligensia. It's PR spin.

Do your own homework, folks.