Tuesday, October 16, 2012

120th HD update

The PA House Republican Campaign Committee  dropped a hit piece in the mailboxes of the residents of the 120th House District.

Phyllis Mundy was not amused.

TL: “Spreading false information because you don’t know the facts is a mistake. Continuing to spread false information when you know the truth is lying.” This statement from a recent Philadelphia Inquirer editorial hit home with me as I hear from constituents who have received mail from the House Republican Campaign Committee.
A multipage mailing called “Pennsylvania Watch, Spotlight on Phyllis Mundy” sent on behalf of my opponent in the race for state representative in the 120th District is jam-packed with spin, misrepresentation and outright lies about my policy positions and votes in the state House. Either my opponent is unaware of the truth or he knows the truth and has turned a blind eye.
I never have allowed my party to demonize my opponents on my behalf as a candidate. And I never will. It is inherently dishonest to allow others to do your political dirty work and proclaim your own innocence.
Anyone who has received one of these mailings and is interested in the facts should feel free to ask me about anything written there. I will be happy to respond with my side of the story.

 I asked Aaron Kaufer about it and he denied any prior knowledge of the mailer and sent along this response.

I'm very well aware that Phyllis Mundy took the taxpayer paid 50% pension increase just after voting against it.  I have attached a PDF of the pension opt-in form that shows she couldn't sign-up quick enough for the higher pension just after telling the voters she was against it.  This is just more hypocrisy from a 22 year incumbent who is playing political games with the truth.  I've also copied an article that mentions Rep. Mundy as one of several Members taking the pension after voting against it.

While working families struggle and seniors continue to lose their pensions, Phyllis Mundy will collect $52,792 a year for life off the taxpayers because she took the 50% increase and voted in increase her own pay two times!  This includes the midnight pay raise and illegal unvouchered expenses she took and never gave back.  Even after the Supreme Court ruled they were illegal.  I think that is a slap in the face to all taxpayers and that's why I will refuse to take a taxpayer paid pension if elected!  And I will never vote to increase my own pay.

In regard to the HRCC mailer, you will need to talk to them because it is there mail and nothing I was involved in.  I've always been clear that she took a 50% pension increase right after voting against it - thus being a typical career politician.

Mundy riffs on Bill Clinton: It takes some brass to call me a "career politician" when my opponent has never had any career other than "politician".

Actually Kaufer is a recent college graduate and has yet to have a career

It's a pity this is getting personal as both candidates are my friends.  But I'm sure that they have both seen the Godfather and understand that this is business (politics) , not personal.

Mundy won big in 2010 gathering 53% of the vote against an established Republican and a spirited Libertarian in a very Republican year.

Kaufer has an HQ near Kingston corners with office space donated by a relative and has been phone banking and will be tying up traffic (loitering) from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Thomas' Family Market in the Shavertown Shopping Center on Route 309. He promises a hot dog and some surprise endorsements.

 The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a debate between incumbent state Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston, and her Republican challenger, Aaron Kaufer of Kingston, Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. in Buckingham Performance Arts Center at Wyoming Seminary, North Sprague Avenue, Kingston.


Anonymous said...

Why are debates held where people have no clue how to find the location? Why are high school auditoriums not used? Easy to find, plenty of parking, handicap accessable and seating for everyone. Most schools have great communication systems. We the people pay for these schools so we shold get some use from them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am shocked... Misrepresentations, spin, exaggerations and outright lies in a political campaign. I've never heard of such things.
The reason Phyllis has never engaged in any of this in the past, is that she has never had any real threat to her seat.
I like Phyllis, I've voted for her and probably will again, but get off the fuckin high horse and just deal with it.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said why don't we have these forums in high school auditoriums: the Buckingham Performing Arts Center IS a high school auditorium. It is the auditorium of Wyoming Seminary, a high school, in Kingston. It's located on North Sprague Avenue, right off of Hoyt Street in the borough.

Zen said...

We all know Phyllis Mundy reads you gort. Kaufer has made a direct statement. Please set the record straight Phyllis, is he lying???

Stephen Albert said...

I think the outrage here is a bit exaggerated. Granted there is a certain amount of sleaze associated with third party ads/mailings, but that sleaze is equally distributed on both the right and the left.

As "Zen" alluded to, if the facts noted in the mailing are incorrect, Rep. Mundy should set the record straight. If the facts are correct, then Rep. Mundy needs to justify her votes (this election and just about every election she will be in going forward).