Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden wins the debate and stops the bleeding

After the President's poor debate performance Joe Biden had to step up and he did. He had command of the facts and rebutted Paul Ryan at every turn. Once he said that  Ryan spews a bunch of malarkey you knew he was on. Now the Republicans are attacking the moderator and Biden's facial expressions. The Dems panned Jim Lerher last time. 

I'm not going to recap it because my readers surely watched it.

At least Sullivan didn't have another nervous breakdown. 

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Aggie95 said...

A command of the facts .... really .... you might want to check the fact checkers

Pope George Ringo said...

Good ol' Joe! Saved the day!!! Now the debate of last week is just a memory. Look for an Obama TKO next week!!!!

I'm Proud to be an American!!!

Big Dan said...

Don't you love the hypocrites who said, when Romney was overbearing and talking over people, how powerful he was, a leader, etc...and when Biden does it, he's pompous, etc...

That's how you weed out hypocrites who can't be taken seriously and repeat WILK/Rush Limbaugh, if they say it was OK Romney acted like that, but Biden NO.

Another one: they cry "foul" on the moderator when they lose. They're sore losers in denial. They parrot whatever Rush Limbaugh says. If you listen to what they are bellyaching about, just go to Rush Limbaugh's site and you'll see all their Dittohead talking points there.

Aggie95 said...

well dan me lad did you think Romney was mean nasty and wrong in his debate with obama

Big Dan said...

I had no comment about EITHER of the debates' demeanor of EITHER masturbator...I mean master debator. My comment was that it's all contrived, scripted, and agreed upon, and they shut out 3rd parties and I think it's unamerican and unpatriotic.

But I DO think "I LOVE BIG BIRD", that sentence should never have been uttered in a "presidential debate". He should've stepped down after that. He should've said, "I JUST SAID I LOVE BIG BIRD, DURING A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE...I'M STEPPING DOWN, WHO'S NEXT IN LINE? DID RON PAUL FINISH 2ND?"

I think Joe Biden's "TEETH STRATEGY" was massive. I'm wondering if there was a "CHOPPER-OFF" between Biden & Barletta, who has the bigger, brighter, gigantic fake choppers?

GORT: get a pic up of Biden/Barletta SMILING, like you did Gov Corbett and Leslie Nielsen...CHOP CHOP. And put up a poll: WHO HAS THE MOST DISTRACTING CHOPPERS vote poll.

Biden won because of flashing his choppers, what a distraction! On a split screen, Ryan didn't exist when Biden smiled.

Anonymous said... showing an avg of all polls proves otherwise...Biden did not stop the bleeding...Obama is losing ground still....