Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate Poll

I'll be putting up a poll on the sidebar later tonight.

If you want to watch the debate with some political junkies:

The Luzerne County Republican Party is hosting a Vice-Presidential Debate Watch Party at Rodano's on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. Large screen tv, pizza, cash bar. The event open to the public and admission is FREE! Please join us! Starts at 8PM.

2 weeks ago the Republicans were saying the polls were skewed because they showed Obama opening up a lead. Now they point to the polls because they show Romney catching up. If Obama wins the election get ready for more ACORN stole the election type nonsense. 

I think this poll result is interesting via Taegan Goddard:

A new Esquire/Yahoo! News poll finds that Americans would trust President Obama more to look after their dog when they're out of town than Mitt Romney, 52% to 27%.

I ride inside

Dogs Against Romney


Anonymous said...

Of course they trust Obama more. It takes much more effort to prep a dog to eat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama should run for dog catcher...

Aggie95 said...

they still have their thumb on the scale ...which should really worry you if even these polls show Romney up

Rich Baehr adds this:

In 2008, white voters were 74% of the electorate according to the exit polls, and minority voters were 26%. Before the adjustment, Gallup had white voters at 73%, minority voters at 27%. After the adjustment, white voters were 68%, minority voters 32%. Most analysts believe that due to an enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans this time around (unlikein 2008), white voter share in 2012 might be in the mid 70% range, about where it was last time, maybe even a bit higher, overcoming any demographic shifts that have occurred in the last 4 years. But white turnout as 68% of he total? Doubtful.

Big Dan said...

How about 27% would trust Romney with their dog...the guy who drove miles with a dog on the roof of his car. WHO ARE THOSE 27%??? They would also trust Jerry Sandusky to baby sit their little boys. They're called: MORONS.