Friday, October 26, 2012

Dueling ads from Barletta and Stilp

Lou Barletta has his first spot up.

From the inbox: Dear Gort --

Today we released our latest campaign ad and I wanted to make sure you saw it. It’s called “In Our Corner” and you can watch it here. It highlights my record of fighting for Pennsylvanians, whether it’s their jobs, their Medicare benefits, or their safety. It’s a record I’m proud of and I hope you are too.

It shows a boxing ring and says he is fighting for Pennsylvania seniors. I am the only one sick of the boxing metaphors and the "fighting for us" tag line from politicians on both sides. An election is about who will govern not who can win a brawl in the schoolyard. 

I'm sure you will be shocked that he says he is against illegal immigration. Then he takes a shot at Gene Stilp saying "He’s fighting for a radical agenda." That tells you Lou is worried about Gene.  Barletta attacks his opponent in his first TV spot when the Captains Obvious college professors think he is lock for reelection.  There has not been any public polling in this race but it just might be the surprise of election night.

Stilp responds with his usual good humor.

From the inbox:

Today, 11th Congressional District Candidate and Democratic Nominee, Gene Stilp, unveiled a campaign advertisement which recounts the difficult fights he has taken on in the past, under intense heat and pressure to do otherwise, and states that he is not afraid of doing the right thing in Congress, no matter how hot it gets.  
The unique 30 second ad cites the longtime activist's prior fights against the 2005 illegal legislative payraise and perpetrators of government waste, fraud and abuse in state government and states that Mr. Stilp can take on "the firestorm of corruption in Washington". 

Additionally it cites the misleading comments from his opponent, Congressman Lou Barletta's recent ad.  It states that Mr. Stilp wants to cut over $700 million from Medicare.  
In addressing the false claim, Mr. Stilp said, "Mr. Barletta's ad is completely false.  It's Congressman Barletta that wants to cut Medicare, as he voted for the Ryan Budget, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program and would harm our seniors.  Mr. Barletta has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and corporations to run this false and misleading ad.  That is what is wrong with Washington and is why I am running.  As you can see in this ad, I am uniquely equipped to take on this fight."

 And I love this one.

Pignelope in a drag race


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Barletta at all, but I won't vote for anyone Steve Corbett supports. So, I will hold my nose and vote Barletta.

Anonymous said...

Where is RuPaul?!

Anonymous said...

To "Not a fan of Barletta", then as Corbett says, "You get what you deserve."