Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upcoming events

Tonight is the Wilkes-Barre Township Fall Picnic at the American Legion, 54 Chestnut St, W-B Twp from 6-10PM.

Tomorrow you can catch Joe Valenti of Pittston Politics on Joe Holden's Sunday morning show along with Kristen Cook, Editor of the Wilkes University Newspaper, The Beacon and Sue Henry of WILK. It'll air Sunday morning on WBRE at 11:00AM and WYOU at 11:30.

Blogcon was a big success and the Fearsome Foursome are planning next year's event join them on Wednesday at
53 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania starting at 6PM.

NEPA Blogcon Meetup 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's a meet up! Hang out, have some drinks, network, tweet about stuff, maybe even some hugs!!  pants required. Squirrels with light sabers will be there.

We can discuss NEPA BlogCon 2012, what we liked, disliked, and what we hope to see next year.

Conservative Voter Rally  
Saturday, October 20, 2012  11:30am until 3:30pm
  1341 N Church St, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Special guest speakers include: Lou Barletta (U.S. Congressman), Sam Rohrer (Pres., PA Pastors Network), Tarah Toohil (PA House of Representatives), David Madeira (The David Madeira Show), Bob Zaruta (Pres., Luzerne Co. Young Republicans), and Laureen Cummings (Candidate for U.S. Congress).

Organizations supporting & participating in the event: God in Government, Luzerne County Young Republicans, PA Pastors Network, 94.3FM "The Talker," First District Republicans, Victory Bible Church, The Voice of John (pro-life movie), Citizens Alliance of PA, and Tea Party Patriots.

Tiffany Cloud (Host of Storm Politics on WYLN-TV) will serve as Emcee for the event. Pastor Ron Radtke (Victory Bible Church) will lead the gathering in prayer.

The Luzerne County Young Republicans will be hosting our second annual Youth in Politics event! Youth in Politics is a celebration of the accomplishments of young people in politics. Last year's event was a huge success and we anticipate this year being bigger and better.

This year we will present the Young Republican of the Year Award to District Attorney, Stefanie Salavantis. The award will be presented by last year's winner, State Rep. Tarah Toohil.

We will also be presenting the first annual P.J. Stebbins Award. P.J. Stebbins was one of the founding members of Luzerne County Young Republicans. He passed away earlier this year and the YRs plan to honor him on a yearly basis by presenting an award in his name to a young person who has shown dedication not only in the political arena, but also in his or her community. This year's award will be given to fellow Young Republican, Aaron Kaufer.


Michelle Hryvnak Davies said...

Thanks for the plug. Hoping you can make it out.

Karla said...

There is an organization around here called God in Government? I can't find anything on the Internet about it except your mention here.

On a serious note, thanks for mentioning the NEPA BlogCon Meetup!

Gort said...

God has many spokesmen

Anonymous said...

God in Government: No thank you. I like the separation of church and state.

Luzerne County Young Republicans: A.K.A. The guys you never hung out with in college or ever invited to a party but they showed up anyway.

PA Pastors Network: Shouldn't really be speaking at a conservative voters rally, lest they jeopardize their church's tax exempt status with the IRS...

94.3FM "The Talker,": David Madeira's (our local version of Glenn Beck) airwave home.

First District Republicans: Official branch of the Republican Party.

Victory Bible Church: Again, that whole tax exempt status thing... I think someone should call and report them...

The Voice of John (pro-life movie): The documentary of a woman who supposedly found a baby alive in a utility closet, cooing and dying, and was told to leave it alone as it was the alleged byproduct of an abortion. First of all, Doctors are liable in this country if they don't treat the patient in front of them, and two, come on, do you really believe that happened? That's ridiculous.

Citizens Alliance of PA: From their website - "Constitutional principles of limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility."... In other words, people who like roads and bridges and schools, but don't want to pay for them, and believe that people that do are Marxist-Socialist-Fascist-Nazi Hippies. Got it.

Tea Party Patriots: Fucking idiots.

Okay, so cross that event off of my to do list....

Anonymous said...

Sue is showing some leg.. she is looking good.. Wonder if she is gonna be back on the market hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Watched the WBRE show yesterday.. Sue's hair is grown, she was wearing make up and showing leg.... prediction.... She is a fine looking woman and every other time she has been on t.v. it has been the Plain Jane look... I have to agree w/8:55 and wonder the same...