Sunday, October 14, 2012

Idiot watch

The flamboyant mayor of Laflin, Dorothy Yazurlo,  plowed into a couple of parked cars and acted somewhat erratic afterward. She admitted to drinking one Manhattan.

 Laflin, Luzerne County-...."Mary," who had been at a party along Laflin Road on Saturday night, said Yazrulo told people at least a dozen times she was mayor.

"They said where are you going, and she said I can't go. They said put your flashers on, you're in the middle of the road. Put your flashers on, and she put her windshield wipers on. And then she said, I'm the mayor of Laflin," according to an eyewitness....Eyewitnesses claimed only at their urging did investigators initiate a field sobriety test, which Chief Flannagan said Yazurlo passed....When asked about the allegations she boasted about her position as mayor, Yazurlo claimed she had never mentioned who she was. ...On the count of boasting, eyewitnesses claimed the mayor was being less than truthful.

Road rage is bad enough now we have drive thru rage

TL:  A Scranton woman stabbed a city man early Sunday, ultimately because of how impatient he had grown sitting behind her car in the drive-thru lane at McDonald's.

Mariah Hill, 20, 809 Alder St., did not start the fight outside the restaurant on South Washington Avenue at about 5:15 a.m. Sunday. Her victim did, according to a criminal complaint.

 The driver of the Taurus, Tarsean Neal, 21, of Linden Street, then got out of the car and either walked back to the van to explain that the wait was not his fault or began yelling profanities at its occupants, according to his account to police and that of Virgilios Arias, 20, of Hickory Street, who was in the van with Almota.

Either way, Almota got out of the van at that point, walked up to Neal and a fight ensued between them, the compliant states.

That is when Hill got out of the Taurus as well, ran over to the two men fighting and allegedly stabbed Almota in the back - which still did not end the fight.

You deserve a break today

Barry Manilow wrote that diddy and many other commercial jingles including State Farm, Pepsi, Dr Pepper and KFC.


Thanks to Michelle for the McD story and Pope George Ringo for pointing out the happenings in the Peoples Republic of Laflin.

DB Echo sends this classic:

McDonald's is your kind of place
throw french fries in your face
hamburgers up your nose
onion rings between your toes
and don't forget those special shakes
they're made from poisoned lakes
McDonald's is your kind of place!

(Or something like that.)


D.B. Echo said...

Here are numerous variations of that song, none exactly as I remember it. (The on I gave isn't exactly as I remember it, either.)

Anonymous said...

I used to sing that McDonald's song when I was a kid, but I dont remember the poisoned lakes part.

Casey Evans