Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romney wins the debate

So what.

So did John Kerry and Lloyd Bentson.

Mitt Romney dominated the debate last night taking on the role of moderator in addition to candidate. For some reason President Obama didn't challenge him on much of  the bullshit that came out his mouth. No discussion of the auto industry or what loopholes could be closed to pay for his fantasy tax plan not to mention the 47% comment or Bain Capitol. Sometimes the Prez was looking down at his shoes while Mitt had the famous smirk on his face.

I'll bet that this will not make much difference in the polls. Check the averages on Monday.

A side note. I created a monster. Mrs. G never voted before we hooked up. Tonight she kept yelling at me , the TV and the President.


Anonymous said...

Obama had an off night, but he wasn't terrible. I think he's going to roar back in the next debate. He's also sitting on a lot of political ammo to use against Romney that he didn't in the first debate. 47%, Bain, Romney's Flip Flops, his Massachusetts record (on taxes especially).

I wonder what effect this will have on the polls, given that such a small number of voters are undecided and Obama's commanding lead in the electoral college projections. My question is this: We're all in agreement that Romney won the debate, but did he say anything that made anyone want to vote for him?

Anonymous said...

No he did not sway my vote. I was already supporting him.

Pope George Ringo said...

As far as debates go, the first one is the most crucial--the only exception being the second Reagan/Mondale matchup in 84 ("I will not make an issue of my opponents youth and inexperience") and possibly the second Bush/Clinton/Perot debate in 92 (Bush the watchman).
As an Obama supporter, I am disappointed. No question Jim lehrer did a horrible job as moderator, but Obama should have realized what was going on and responded to Romney's BS.
Last night was the chance. THe following debates will not have the audience that this one had. The undecideds are just that because they have no indepth knowledge of issues.
Many of them walked away last night viewing Romney as a man in command adn Obama as weak and non responsive.
THats all BS of course, but it doesn't matter.
Obama took a five point lead and basically gave it away to Romney. And like him or not, you have to give Romney credit...he did what he had to do. I am just in utter shock the president allowed him to.
Good lUck America....
Looks like you can say goodbye to your medicare among many other things.
Thanks a lot Mr. President!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bringing up the 47% comment would be a mistake. It will give Romney a chance to explain what he meant and convince voters he is for everyone. I am
Pretty sure that that is the reason it dis not come up. Whether or not it will be used in other debates will depend on where the polls are at that time. Only desperation will force obama to use it. But you know that Romney is going to be prepared with a response

Zen said...

Pres. Obama appeared horribly unprepared. I think his handlers prepped him poorly and didn't anticipate Rmoney's level of aggressiveness.

I think it is safe to say that they will do a better job for the next one.

I truly cannot wait for the VP Debate. That is going to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ya know you fucking liberals are all the same. If Obama did the number on Romney that was done on him, you would be doing a victory lap. Liberals aren't bleeding hearts they are fucking crybabies.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that this won't affect the definitely shall. I see Romnney up by five next week. The important factor is how will it effect OHIO. If Obama can hold on to Ohio he should win.

Mean Old Man said...

TO Hell with Big Bird!!!!!!

One of the greatest things that our next President stated last night in the debate is that he was not going to let my hard earned tax dollars go to funding a commie symbol bird meant to indoctrinate our children in servitude to the memory or Ho Chi Minh!!!!!!

Ever since Big Bird came on TV years ago he ruined kids. Before big bird came, kids would go out, play in the dirt, get in a bloody scuffle or two or three and come home to eat lunch before Mom threw them out again! Big Bird ruined all that!!!!!! What with his preaching kindness and his "silly" high pitched tone of voice.
I often wonder what my stupid grandkids would have been like if they weren't subjected to this Bolshevik fowl.
So, good for you President Romney!!!! Give em Hell!!!!!!!!!!
As for the commie who owns this site and all his readers.....
Go to Hell!!!!
And quit pickin' on Clint Eastwood!!!!!!!!
I hate you all!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Polls are in: You are wrong Gort.