Saturday, January 27, 2007

First gremlins

Off to a great start. The new blogger has deleted my blogroll, the page loads slower and when you want to comment a pop up box gets in the way. I was going to revamp the blogroll anyway but now I have to do it. So instead of posting over the weekend I'll be dealing with housekeeping issues.

Update: The blogroll is back with a few changes. I deleted a few inactive sites and updated some others.

A Big Fat Slob has decided to clean up his act and has new URL. But it doesn't look like he shed any pounds.

DECLARATIONS OF PRIDE also has new address. Fix your bookmarks.

Tim changed his name from Un-American to The Luzerne County Liberator. Get your pitchforks.

I also added two non-political blogs that I enjoy.

Mayhem In The House Of Jacq is a great place to discuss cats, life and women's underclothing. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...." Uh oh, Mrs G just asked me about the underwear thing.

To keep up on the latest web stuff such as delurking and blogswarms unrelated to politics Whaling Season is the place to go.

A new local politcal site popped up but hasn't updated in a week. I haven't added it to my roll or NEPA Blogs yet. There have been about 20 local political blogs that have come and gone over the last year and it seems as soon as I list them they stop posting. Let's hope this site lives up to it's promises: NEPA's Real Deal

Mark has a video about the madmen:


A Big Fat Slob said...

It might be BlogRoll -- it is having one of it's bad days. I had no blogrolling at all this morning and the blogrolls were very slow to load most of the day.

Who, Me? said...

OMG you are too funny! Maybe talking about undergarments will get you on the ball to buy the Mrs. some stuff at Victoria's Secret!!!! Now step to it, Mister!

Well, before I even switched to Beta, I had completely messed up my template the way it was before with the HTML. Now, it's virtually impossible to mess it up. Just save EVERYTHING you do. Even if it's one thing after the other. It's a pain, but it works!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the updates. Glad you are back.
peace - t.g.

Northern_Girl said...

Thanks for the linky, Gort. I have some housekeeping to do myself - nothing like having a great example to make me look like crap. :)

Greendogdem said...

you forgot me

Gort said...

Always happy to exchange links Greendog. Check the sidebar.