Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sam Guesto's feelings are hurt

“Have you seen the man? He’s probably lost 80 pounds since everything started. He’s suffering greatly.”
Luzerne County Commissioner Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla has been saying some mean things about Guesto according to his lawyer and he sent her a cease and desist letter.
According to Attorney William Shehwen of the Philadelphia area Petrilla called him a "thief,” “gangster” and a “thug'" and alleges that she is trying to get him fired from the court administrator position that she voted to create when everybody knew the job was invented for him.
Guesto resigned as County Manager/Chief Clerk after it was revealed that he was in charge of the debit cards that were abused by everyone that got one and changed the purchasing policy at the Luzerne County prison to favor some well connected people that appears to be both a violation of the county's purchasing policy and state law telling the kitchen supervisor “do it or it’s your ass.” The last straw seems to be when he decided to redesign the proposed new prison on his own adding millions to the cost.
The debit card abuse is being investigated by the Secret Service and the piecemeal contracting at the prison is supposedly being looked into by some secret police outfit according to District Attorney Jackie MO. Maybe if you go to her golf outing you can team up with the Yonk and ask her what is going on.
In another federal investigation


Anonymous said...

I wish I could lose 80lbs.

What a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

yeah but he needs to loose another 80, maybe if he stops feeding at the public trough?

Gort said...

I think Guesto's weight loss can be attributed to the fact that he has been shitting bricks since the the FBI raided the dome and all the other investigations going on.

Some of the Judges are also looking a little thinner and Skrep seems to have lost a few pounds.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny how everyone jumps on the bandwagon and points fingers at this guy, when there is a controller of the county, who is to oversee EVERYTHING and put all procedures in place. Petrilla was the controller and she was the one who initially suggested the new position for the man. Why is that? Duh! Everyone needs a fall guy, and who better than a person who no longer holds a position in that system. Then she brings out all this info, bad mouths him and gets everyone on the bandwagon so the focus wasnt on her not doing her job at all. It all starts with the controller.
Everyone listens to the media, the news, and the holier than thou commissioner, who is only deflecting the real person who never implemented any guidelines, yet she is praised. Only in Luzerne County!

Anonymous said...

AND what also amazes me is how no one asks these questions:
-since all these people that had debit cards were in different departments, which means they all had different bank accounts (concept of governmental fund accounting).....
a-who approved issuing debit cards?
b-who set up the bank accounts linked to each of the accounts?
c-how much money was put in each account and who decided how much?
d-how often was money put in?
e-what was the procedure to have more money put in the account?
f-who reconciled the bank statements for each of those accounts at the end of every month
g-who posted each of the transactions in the general ledger every month?
h-who reviewed the trial balance ledger of the balance sheet every months?
i-who prepared the statement of cash flow every month?

if you really ask yourself each of these questions, the whole picture will change and alot more will become evident.

If an account was set up with 2500 and then depleted by the user, dont you think they had to request more funds to be put into the account to be able to continue to use the cards????

wouldnt it be the controller who put the money in each of those accounts?

wouldnt the controller need to have receipts for the previously expended amounts before replenishing the amount?

So, by continuing to bad mouth certain people is an attempt to shift the focus elsewhere. To say to the public that "you found these discrepancies" and poison the minds of the public that "she is here to do good" is an attempt to manipulate us.

If anyone can answer those questions above, and then not get a better idea of what went on, then she has succeeded and fooled you as well!

isnt it odd that no one has questioned to produce the procedure that was documented on debit card use? Lets see who didnt really do their job!

Anonymous said...

if u read the newspaper you would have saw that the reason she didn't see it is because they had a fund that bypassed her and she would have never saw. get your facts.

as for guesto. his job is just another phantom job. no work involved, just show up once in a while and grab your free cash--i mean paycheck. he's slimey and so is the rest of the good ole boys network (almost all the dems in position) in the courthouse. the fbi will get some them...but will they get all of them?