Saturday, November 21, 2009

Could have been a contender

Write-in ballots for jury commissioner showed Robert Kadluboski received 78 votes; David Yonki received 21 votes and Greg Gulick received 21 votes. Another 209 write-in votes were scattered with various people being listed.


Anonymous said...

if I was Yonki I would look at the write ins for Bobby one could know how to spell his name correctly and the name must be spelled correctly to count..C Mon Dave go check out the signatures and you will see the only name that was spelled correctly was the one Bob Kad wrote in could be the next Jury Commissioner

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter who came in second. if Bonner is seated in jan and then is convicted the position is appointable. so all this talk is just that, talk from a bunch of folks who don't know anything about county gov't or the county charter. led of course by one of the know nothings from WILK radio.

Anonymous said...

7:57 You're right on. The position will be filled as an appointment not as a runner up. Who receivered a writte-in means nothing. How a name is spelled also means nothing as long as the interpretation of the spelling is the person intended to receive the vote. Like horse shoes, close is good enough.