Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Hook strikes again

Our own version of Batman is in the news again. Some poor guy parked in the Penn Plaza parking lot then walked across South Main St. in Wilkes-Barre to grab his lunch returning 15 minutes later to find that his car was gone. He thought is was stolen but he was just another "customer" of City Wide Towing. His lunch ended up costing him 152 bucks.
City Wide is owned by Bob Kadluboski who was once described by Citizens Voice Columnist Mike McGlynn as the closest thing Wilkes-Barre has to a terrorist. Councilman Bill Barrett is looking to stop predatory towing.
Kadluboski has always been a colorful character.

He has rammed his tow truck into suspected criminals and apprehended a fleeing felon at gunpoint showing his commitment to fighting crime. When his dogs escaped from his compound and mauled someone he defended them proving he is an animal rights advocate. When you have to deal with him after he towed your car a you get a lesson in customer service. He placed an ad before the 2006 election without disclosing who paid for it, and the paper that published it let him do it, affirming his commitment the first amendment. The ad was a clear violation of election law. Pennsylvania election code requires political ads to clearly identify the people or groups who pay for them. Haven't heard a thing about it since.

For all the effort W-B has made to bring people into the city it just takes an incident like this to setback years of progress.


D.B. Echo said...

I recall he submitted a "sealed bid" for towing wrapped in several rolls of duct tape a while back. (Maybe a few DECADES back...I really think this was prior to 1994 or so.) During a dispute over it (I may be confusing incidents here) he snatched up the bid and ran through City Hall singing the Mighty Mouse theme song ("Here I come to save the daaay!!!") The bid was rejected. He sued - and won.

Anonymous said...

Kevvie baby will get indicted..

April fools...

Anonymous said...

Just another business area I am done with in WB. I will no longer go to the dollar store or the bank in that area now because of that crazy tow truck driver. I worK in an office in downtown Wilkes-Barre and my desk faces the front window on South Main Street. That guy from City Wide Towing must circle the square 100 times a day it is like he is driving a nascar he turns left so much. Wilkes-Barre has so much business that they dont have to worry about towing cars ooops I forgot it doesnt. Get rid of this nut Mr Mayor no wonder why you use your friends LAG to tow cars. Just another nut in a position that he thinks he so powerful in the are that tow driver. One of many.