Tuesday, March 27, 2012

17th CD news

There has been a flurry of endorsements for the Democratic candidates running in the newfangled 17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Incumbent Tim Holden landed the holy grail for Dems with the AFL-CIO backing his bid for reelection. I've have been of the opinion that most endorsements are only good for a press release unless it brings money or boots on the ground. This one brings both.

In the press release category the Lackawanna Democratic Party Politburo endorsed Holden and NEPartisan discounts it influence. A similar thing happened when the Luzerne County Democratic Party endorsed him and played some games with the vote to make it appear unanimous. Since I know that more than a few Luzerne County Democratic Committee members are actively campaigning for Cartwright it looks like the county party's endorsement is worthless. This sort of thing would not happen when State Senator Marty Murray was running the show.

Holden brought Steny Hoyer to Easton to help him out but few people knew who they are. Another press release.

As I reported earlier Democracy for America endorsed Matt Cartwright.

Democracy for America endorses Matt Cartwright (PA-17)

This a big deal because this group can raise some money for it's favorite candidates. Fracking is a big issue with them.

Act Blue is another outfit that is raising money for Cartwright. So far it has raised $10K from 47 donors for an average $220. Tim Holden also has an Act Blue account that has raised $17,000 from 27 people an average of $630.

Act Blue is not a "super pac." A super pac is an outfit funded by wealthy people trying to buy our elections. Act Blue has small donors.

TL: Eric Nagy, said Holden preferred to focus on the outside influence of “super PACs.”
“Multiple Super PACs from outside the 17th district are poised to spend millions of dollars to distort Tim Holden’s record of public service and are determined to buy this election,” Nagy said. “Tim Holden is firmly opposed to Super PACs and believes that voters are supposed to decide elections, not corporations.”

Such a lie and distortion. Matt Cartwright is not taking money from Super Pacs. Tim Holden is taking money from many corporate interests.


Anonymous said...

Here's the lie, that Matt Cartwright has raised $600,000 or close to it back when you reported it about a week ago. Word is he all ready back tracking from that statement. Sometime in April, before the election the first reports will have to come out and we'll see for sure if this is true or not. We will also know where each campaigns money came from. Don't forget that candidates also can have donation after that date that wouldn't make the list before the election, those are the ones they don't want us to see.

Anonymous said...

The Superpac thing isnt a lie. They have been challenging incumbants and they said Holden will be challenged.

Anonymous said...

No one talking about the superpac, Cartwright did not raise $600,000. The campaign reports will show this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Cartwright is the only one with a brain in his head and a heart in his chest and isn't dominated by corporate influences like Holden is. I've been on the fence, but I think I've made my decision as to who to vote for in April.