Thursday, March 22, 2012

Murphy on the air

The contest for the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania Attorney General is the 2nd most interesting race in our part of the Commonwealth after the 17th CD primary between Cartwright and Holden. The Man on Dog vs. the Dog on Roof Prez contest has kind of fizzled after Romney's blowout win in Illinois.

Patrick Murphy is winning the money primary outraising Kathleen Kane by 5 to 1 although Kane has $2 million cash on hand thanks to the generosity of her family.

I have to admit that I'm partial to fellow vet Murphy a graduate of King's College who had the honor of introducing President Clinton when he visited Wilkes-Barre in 1996. The first time I met him he told me "I read your blog." He attended the last Blogfest driving through a monsoon to get there. Hopefully he will attend our next together on March 30th and Tom will bring along Kathleen Kane. Republican David Freed has also been invited.

Here is the ad via PoliticsPA

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