Friday, March 30, 2012

The Yonk is 2000 posts old

The Lu Lac Political Letter written by my good friend David Yonki who has been an online scribe since May 2006 has become one of the first reads for political junkies locally and across the state marked another milestone.

The LuLac Edition #2,000, March 28th, 2012


I’ve always been a milestone guy. I think if you stop counting, you stop caring. Your stats are a reflection of who you are, how you play the game, how you work the project.Today, LuLac is presenting its 2,000th edition. Bloggers call them posts but I’ve tried to resist that since starting this site in May of 2006.

Congrats Dave. We are looking forward to reading the 3,000th edition.

I'm coming up on the 7th year of doing this and just checked my stats making this my 3428th post. It's all how you measure it. The Blogfather has been doing it even longer.

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics"

After Blogfest we shall gather for the Kentucky Derby/Blogoversary celebration at the ancient home of the Saturday OT Committee and Operatic Society, Marks Pub formerly Daugherty's in Miners Mills to mark our milestones.

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