Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planning Blogfest

!I've been busy working my Facebook contacts and sending out emails to various candidates and other political types inviting them to the 5th Blogfest so I haven't been able to be too snarky about some comments from PA politicians that caught my eye.

Talking about the new voter ID law Governor Tom Corbett said “When some of the precincts come in with a 112 percent reporting you have to scratch your head and say how does that happen?” I watch elections closely and I have never heard of such a thing.

From Steve Bennen: But here's the trouble: there are no examples of Pennsylvania precincts, at a time or in an election, coming in with 112% participation. Corbett appears to have simply made this up.

He was Attorney General before becoming Governor so if he found such evidence of voter fraud you would think he would have investigated it. Maybe he just closed his eyes.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic and need to go call it a night soon.

A few years ago I was talking with Joe V of Pittston Politics about doing a political event and we both agreed that we didn't want to do the usual candidates forum. The LWV and some media outlets already did that and we wanted to do something different. I suggested we rent a fire hall or something and have a kind of political carnival then he came up the idea of having an informal cocktail party and suggested we do it at his pal's bar in Pittston. I had been doing informal get togethers of local bloggers at other watering holes and it clicked. So Blogfest was born although it took a bit to settle on a name for the event.

It was a hit right from the start and Vito put it best "You should do this more often! It was probably the most stress-free 'political' event I have ever been to. It was so refreshing to meet people from all parties and discuss issues at such a casual affair. In addition to typical politics, I had the opportunity to engage in conversations about gas drilling, home rule, college football, and how my three boys believe it is their Constitutional right to maintain a messy bedroom. Great job Gort!

The last time around we had just about every candidate for Luzerne County candidate for Judge, the county council and many municipal offices. Before that state rep and congressional candidates made an appearance. I don't want to list everyone who has attended because I'm sure I will omit someone.

This time around Michelle and DB are working on getting many NEPA Bloggers to attend who may or may not be interested in politics.

The beauty of Blogfest is a few simple rules. No speeches from any politician or anyone else, agree to disagree without being disagreeable. The dress code is basic you must wear clothes even it is warm. If Rick Santorum shows up I will wear a brown sweatervest.


D.B. Echo said...

There's a certain politician from Pennsylvania who would look mighty silly if he lost his "home" state (he wasn't born here) to some rich New Englander. I hear there's a nonzero finite probability that he might stop in and suck down a few drinks!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Jaron and I are going to be there, we will make sure to act extra gay, extra-coupley, and extra-engaged in front of the aforementioned former Pennsylvania politician who may or may not be running for president.

It's not often Rick Santorum comes to town, and we want to make sure we make an impression.