Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don Bailey bails on 2012 Democratic primary for PA AG

Bailey to Run for AG as Indy, Not Dem

He has decided to mount an independent bid instead. Good luck with that as Pennsylvania has set the bar so high for independents or 3rd party candidates to make the ballot it is almost impossible, just ask Carl Romanelli.

Some background on former Congressman and Auditor General Bailey can be found on a previous post.

It looks like Patrick Murphy allies challenged his petitions and he didn't think that he could survive a court challenge so he will try to go the independent route. So after failing to get 2000 valid signatures for the primary he will attempt to get 20,000 plus signatures by August 1st. The rule of thumb is you need at least twice the required number to beat off a challenge. Unless he has an army of volunteers or can pay canvassers with Black Water money it is unlikely he will make the fall ballot. If he does make it it will be bad news for the Democratic nominee.

Both Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane oppose the ultrasound abortion bill. I'm not sure what David Freed's position on it is. I would hope that any Republican would oppose such an invasive procedure mandated by the government as an attack on freedom. The Voter ID Act that is a solution in search of a problem is opposed by Kane and Murphy but is supported by Freed. The last time I heard of in person voter fraud was when Joe Moran's kid was up for the WVW school board but it turned out that he was using his father's address in the Miner's Mill's section of Wilkes-Barre to vote.

The more I find out about Kathleen Kane raises more questions about her. The Pennsylvania Progessive

She denies being an exeutive of Kane is Able but signs FEC reports as an executive of Kane is Able.
Get your shit together Kathleen.

There is no doubt that Patrick Murphy will be backing President Obama for reelection but I'm not sure about Kane.

Kane is Able to back McCain


Joe Valenti said...

Bailey might have some issues going as an INDY. There are some rules that if you filed as an R or D and your petition is challenged and thrown out, you're disqualified to run as an INDY.

Tom Borthwick said...

I know her, so I know she supported Obama. The article you link to says she met with McCain. And a comment on PoliticsPA doesn't mean she voted for the man either.