Sunday, March 18, 2012

Matt Cartwright for Congress

I had a brief telephone chat with Democratic 17th CD candidate Matt Cartwright today. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School (Go Quakers) and Hamilton College in upstate New York.

When I asked how much money he has raised he told me he has raised enough money so far. That shows as the Sunday airwaves have been full of his ads and I got a mailer from his camp yesterday. I asked him if he would appear with President Obama or Vice President Biden if they came to our area he said "why not." I would like to ask Tim Holden the same question but I don't have any contact information for him.

He pointed out that the new 17th CD is 56% D to 32% by registration and was drawn by the Harrisburg Republicans as a trade off for making the 10th and 11th CD's safer for Lou Barletta and Tom Marino but nobody expected him to get in the race.

Cartwright held a few fundraisers for Chris Carney when he was running for Congress and was disappointed that he is backing Tim Holden.

On the important questions he confirmed that the Phillie's is his baseball team and roots for the Eagles in the NFL. In College football he likes Notre Dame.

I also invited him to Blogfest on March 30th at Rooney's in Pittston. He said he will be there.


Anonymous said...

Should of asked him how much of that $600,000 is his own money or the family menbers,and will we see any of the contributors before the April election is over.

Robbie said...

How are you going to comment that people should disclose contributors when you're hiding behind anonymous?

Fitzsimmons said...

It would be interesting to see. Not that it is illegal to spend your own money and to receive money from your family. At what level does the public consider a wealthy person to be buying their election too? I guess we will see in the next weeks. The commercials are already annoying on both sides.