Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Air war starts in 17th CD

via PoliticsPA

It looks like I will have to start watching the local news again but not for the car hits tree and a house burns down stories but the political ads. Incumbent Congressman Tim Holden and challenger Matt Cartwright will both be on the air starting today.

Holden's spot was put together by Joe Trippi who's claim to fame was the Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004. I voted for Dean that year. The narrator keeps saying "Democrat Tim Holden" and the last scene looks like it was filmed in front of the Stegmaeir Building in Wilkes-Barre. As far as political ads go I think this a pretty pedestrian effort.

Matt Cartwright's intro is a bio ad that starts off with a joke. He says that " it is corporations who are picking who will be elected, it's obscene." The spot has a lot of energy and my favorite part is my own Plains Township Committeeman and Young Democrat Tom Shibula getting a cameo. Tom is running for delegate to the Democratic Convention, give him a vote in the primary.


Anonymous said...

I hope Matt Cartwright prevails in the primary. Holden voting record would make any Republican very happy.

Big Dan said...

Big Government Barletta & Marino vote FOR HR 347, basically making political protest illegal:

Just like they both voted for NDAA.

Anonymous said...

As of this post, Matt Cartwright's ad has 941 YouTube views compared to Tim Holden's 417.

People are responding to and are more interested in Matt Cartwright, who I truly believe will be our next Congressman. Tim Holden's voting record doesn't help. That unanimous/not unanimous thing that Holden's camp pulled with the Luzerne County Democrats didn't help. Tim Holden isn't of the politics of NEPA and doesn't know how to run here. He might learn one day, cause I have a feeling that after the election, he will be spending a lot more time in his new district and a lot less in Washington.