Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pennsylvania US Senate race

The latest polling has former State Rep Sam Rohrer leading the field of Republican contenders to replace Democrat Bob Casey who beat the last "conservative" in the presidential race Rick Santorum by 18% in 2006.

He's at 16% to 12% for Tom Smith, 10% for David Christian, 8% for Marc Scaringi, and 5% for Steve Welch. The big winner though is undecided- 48% of voters say they don't yet know who they'll choose.

Right now Casey beats them all handily. That will change.

Casey 49 – Rohrer 34
Casey 50 – Christian 32
Casey 49 – Smith 31
Casey 49 – Scaringi 29
Casey 49 – Welch 29

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Pope George Ringo said...

At this point in the election process Casey's numbers are staggering high.'
If the GOP nominates a tea party candidate to oppose him, the race is pretty much given to the incumbent Senator.
That tea party schtick may work in places like Texas and South Carolina, but it won't fly in Pennsylvania.
Final tally, Casey wins the state easily, Obama by a much thinner margin. In fact, Obama may actually be carried by Casey's coattails.