Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A solution in search of a problem

Mundy to vote against needless, expensive voter ID bill

HARRISBURG, March 13 State Rep. Phyllis Mundy today will vote against the so-called "Voter ID" bill that would disenfranchise residents and waste millions of dollars during a time the Governor has proposed another round of painful budget cuts.

"I believe strongly in the concept of one person, one vote," said Mundy, D-Luzerne. "If there was any substantial evidence of voter impersonation that could justify the expenditure of millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, I would be among the first to sign on to a solution. But the fact is, there is no such evidence."

Mundy noted that many organizations, including the League of Women Voters, the American Association of Retired Persons and the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania oppose House Bill 934.

"This bill has been mislabeled," Mundy said. "It's not a voter identification bill. It's a voter suppression bill that will deny many of our citizens their most fundamental right in a Democratic society."

The Brennan Center for Justice reported that as many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not have a government-issued photo they would need to vote under this legislation. Obtaining the identification will be time-consuming and for many, difficult.

Gov. Tom Corbett's administration has said it would cost $4.3 million to implement the legislation. Mundy added that there likely will be additional costs to defend the legislation in court. A judge in Wisconsin has struck down that state's voter identification after a legal challenge. The U.S. Justice Department blocked South Carolina's voter ID bill in December and has stepped in to block Texas’ voter ID law.

"At a time when the majority in the House, Senate and Governor's Office are cutting vital human services to our frail elderly in nursing homes and cutting early childhood education for our children, they are wasting time, money and effort on a problem that doesn't exist," Mundy said


Anonymous said...

In this day and age when even the simplest things require showing id, I cannot fathom how this can be construed as oppressive.
As for the senior citizens, how the hell can they not have id? What are they doing with their social security checks? Even if direct deposited, they had to have id to open an account. They had to have id to get an atm card. Now, miraculously they don't have id? I call bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Just like the horrendous Republican redistricting scheme, let's hope the courts also toss their latest assault on the constitutional rights of each and every Pennsylvanian.

Big Dan said...

Comment 1: it's oppressive because first of all THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD!!! It's 0.0001%. So there IS NO VOTER FRAUD PROBLEM.

Second, since there IS NO VOTER FRAUD, why are the Republicans trying to make a "sacred" (as gov Corbett said) CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT more difficult? Should we make FREE SPEECH more difficult, too, while we're at it???

THEREFORE, this ficticious non-existent voter fraud scam is to SUPPRESS LEGAL VOTERS.

Why does it suppress LEGAL voters? Because 99.9999% of voters are LEGAL, FACT & STATISTICS and studies show this.

You're using a bullshit Republican talking point, that is why you are "anonymous". WILK callers and hosts are using the same "I have to have photo id for a bank" etc... bullshit talking point ala Rush Limbaugh.

Is opening a bank account A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT? That is a FALSE EQUIVALENCY. And atm cards. More bullshit GOP talking points.

WHAT PARTY WOULD MAKE A "SACRED" CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT MORE DIFFICULT FOR LEGAL VOTERS? The Republican Party and their "WAR ON VOTERS". The less people who vote, the more likely Republicans are to win.

And Republicans love to use RELIGIOUS analogies. Corbett said "SACRED" right to vote. Republicans always do the opposite of what they say. It's NOT "sacred" to them, they want LESS PEOPLE TO VOTE. Republicans say the opposite and always add something religious.

When Corbett came in office, he said "day of reckoning", another religious phrase, and said we needed "austerity". DAY OF WRECKING is more like it.

So, btw, if we are in such a financial straight in Pa., why is Corbett not taxing the reckless frackers? Because Republicans alway say the opposite of what they do.


If they didn't LIE, they wouldn't have gotten in office.

What if Republicans told the truth and their campaign was:


No one would vote for them, so they have to LIE!

And the "liberal media"? They also control the media while calling it "liberal". Where is there ONE story about the FACT that voter fraud is 0.0001%?

This is all bullshit to disenfranchise LEGAL voters from their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to vote. Their "SACRED" right that Republicans are going to take away from TENS OF THOUSANDS (if not more) LEGAL voters.

Simple math: if 99.9999% of voters are LEGAL, then 99.9999% of those turned away from their "SACRED" right to vote due to REPUBLICAN voter id "laws" with be LEGAL voters turned away and disenfranchised.

I'm sick of these BULLSHIT GOP "anonymous" comments like comment #1. Go f*ck yourself. You're either a GOP operative or an IDIOT.

Big Dan said...

And I hope it gets struck down in the courts like it is in Wisconsin and other GOP controlled states. And it SHOULD get struck down: the GOP "WAR ON VOTERS".

Anonymous said...

well Big Dan, using your rather "interesting" logic regarding sacred constitutional rights; why do I have to show id to buy a gun when that happens to be a sacred constitutional right? why has my government made it more difficult for me to buy a gun when all facts and stats say that fraudulent gun purchases are an incredibly tiny portion of all firearm sales???