Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endorsements for Holden and Cartwright

Just about every local Democratic elected local official and county committee has endorsed Congressman Tim Holden in the PA-17th CD primary. The latest include Senator Bob Casey who had a statement read by former Congressman Chris Carney at an event in Scranton. Other than the AFL-CIO that brings money and boots on the ground most endorsements are worth a press release and not much more. Some nods could actually hurt such as the Lackawanna and Luzerne County Democratic Committees after people have seen so many elected local Democratic officials pleading guilty to corruption charges and landing in jail. One of the Captains Obvious college professors agrees with me "Casey carries a lot of credibility, but in terms of delivering any votes, I have doubts it'll deliver significant numbers of votes," Baldino said.

And let's not forget that Holden has taken money from the Kock Brothers . From NEPartisan Yes, Tim Holden actually took money from the Koch Brothers. Five minutes on Google, and any American who doesn’t want our environment destroyed, all labor laws eliminated, no limits on Wall Street traders, our judicial system in chains, and the federal government out of business so the age of robber barons can return would reject anyone backed by them.

On the other hand Matt Cartwright has landed some endorsements that bring money, boots and media.

LuLac: The Scranton area’s local postal union, Local #101 of the American Postal Workers Union, threw its support behind Matt Cartwright today. The Senate is slated to take up a bill to destroy the Post Office because the Republicans think it should be run like a business instead of the public service that it is. MoveOn has more than 12,000 members in the 17th district, and of those who participated in the endorsement vote, a decisive 84% voted to endorse Cartwright...
As part of their support for the Cartwright campaign, MoveOn’s thousands of members in the district will help provide the grassroots support—including volunteer boots on the ground – that Cartwright needs to win.

League of Conservation Voters Action Fund ‘Proudly’ Endorses Matt Cartwright

“Matt Cartwright has fought to hold corporate polluters accountable to protect Pennsylvanians from the hazardous chemicals released in natural gas extraction,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “LCV Action Fund is proud to endorse Matt Cartwright because he understands that the policies needed to grow America’s economy and keep our competitive edge are the same policies that will protect the air we breathe and the water we drink for generations to come.”

The LCV is backing up the endorsement with a $200,000 ad buy that will run until election day. From PoliticsPA It’s not the first time Holden has earned the ire – or the media dollars – of environmental groups. In October, the political arm of the Natural Resources Defense Council spent $100K to air TV ads knocking Holden, as well as Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) over the Clean Air Act.

You can see my coverage of that here

If you watch the local TV news you will see this ad until Tuesday

This spot hits Holden on the issues unlike the personal attacks that the Holden camp has resorted to.

I would put up a video of the latest Holden ad but it is not on the campaign website and they don't have a YouTube account that I can find. Is Joe Trippi really running his campaign?


Anonymous said...

Gort, I would like nothing more than to have people go onto and read each candidates campaign reports to see who donated. You have to study them hard because some of the lawyers that gave to Cartwright try to cover up that they are lawyers. Check out where they work, sometimes that will tell you because they drop the ESQ. Some go as far to just put self employyed. Also note the size of the donations to each campaign and where the people live that donated.

Anonymous said...

Cartwright all the way!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Holden does not and has not represented my best interests. People support him for his seniority but what good is it if he votes against the common good? We don't need Republican Conservatives or T-Party types who don't even understand they are fighting to protect the profits of Halliburton and the interests of the Koch brothers. These shaoolow minded people vote against their own best interest and are proud of it. Go figure! Cartwright is my candidate.

Big Dan said...

Get rid of "blue dog democrats" (aka REPUBLICANS). Matt Cartwright all the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the Democratic Executive Committee and I didn't endorse Holden, I endorsed Cartwright. I still endorse Cartwright. I wouldn't vote for Tim Holden if you paid me to! Matt Cartwright is a good and decent man and a leader we can trust to work for us.

Tim Holden's campaign has been the most shady and most ethically questionable campaign I have ever seen in Luzerne County. Holden is a man without honor.

Gort said...