Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From the inbox:

Blue America candidate Matt Cartwright turns the conventional wisdom on its head and beats entrenched Blue Dog Tim Holden in Pennsylvania's 17th district. 

Something very rare happened tonight, something that will send a chill down the spines of members of the Democratic establishment: a true blue progressive unseated a tired Blue Dog congressman.  We were told it was impossible.  Pennsylvania's Matt Cartwright just proved them all wrong. 
Blue America PAC was the first national progressive group to endorse Cartwright for the new 17th District in Pennsylvania and our members were thrilled to contribute to the billboard campaign that drew attention to his opponent Tim Holden's conservative record.  We knew that the voters of this newly drawn district weren't going to be content with a Blue Dog Democrat who voted like a Republican if they knew what he was all about.  
They had a choice and they chose the progressive candidate who would stand up for working families instead of corporations and who believes that individual liberty applies to women as well as men. 
Blue America Treasurer Howie Klein said, "Blue America congratulates Matt Cartwright on his hard fought win and we pledge to continue that fight across the country wherever progressive candidates are working hard to free our political system from the entrenched interests on behalf of ordinary Americans. Our next stop is Wisconsin's 1st congressional district where progressive businessman Rob Zerban is battling to defeat Republican poster boy Paul Ryan in a swing district.  The establishment doesn't think that's possible either. We think Rob can prove them all wrong once again."


Anonymous said...

another fine example of a non moderate freshman going to the House.
Much the same way the GOP elects far right tea partiers.
Liberals may be happy with Cartwright and the right may be happy with their guys/gals.
But in the end, moderation loses and therefore America loses.
Happy Landings.

Anonymous said...

Well said. It's the perfect example of partisan politics with extremists being elected like Cartwright and Mundy. These two only prolong the dysfunctional nature of stalemate in government. We need moderates, not ideologues.

Anonymous said...

Holden should run as an independent!!

Tony Thomas said...

I'll take a so-called "extremist" like Cartwright or Mundy than a corporate shill like Holden. Give me someone who will stand up for the people rather than give into the corporations.

Anonymous said...

Tony Thomas is right.

Cartwright showed guts and passion and the people wanted a progressive after just one term of Lou Barletta. They didn't want another Paul Kanjorski, they wanted their own FDR, and in Matt Cartwright, they found him.

Phil Perspective said...

Gotta love how two corporate shills who posted as Anons were the first two to comment. Bitter Holden supporters?