Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The other races

In case you forgot there is a Presidential primary today in PA. Rick Santorum has dropped out but I just got a fundraising email from him a few minutes saying he will be on CNN tonight. And he still hasn't endorsed Mitt Romney. I hope Rick does well tonight along with Ron Paul voters who just may keep Romney under 50%.

The Republican US Senate primary ads have had Steve Welch and Tom Smith accusing each other of being closet Democrats. Blog Buddy Randy Potter predicts an upset.

Republican Senate Primary Race: In a surprise victory Sam Roher defeats Tom Smith, Steve Welch, and Marc Scaringi. Both Smith's and Welch's campaign ads highlighting their past ties to the democratic party made them both look bad. Also a big embarrassment for Governor Corbett backed Welch losing here.

State Auditor General Race: John Maher wins this one big. Frank Pinto gave it his best shot. GOP party establishment candidates always win these races.

12th Congressional District Race: Jason Altmire (D) defeats Mark Critz (D). This will be very close.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

Gort said...

At least I'm consistent or as some people say "the kiss of death."