Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kane leads Attonery General's race

PoliticsPA reports that Kathleen Kane is up big over David Freed in the PA AG race according to an internal poll from the Kane campaign.
Kathleen Kane has emerged from her contested primary with momentum, a poll conducted by her campaign shows. She leads Republican Dave Freed 48 percent to 27 percent.

The hard fought primary with Patrick Murphy definitely raised her name ID and it shows in this poll. I don't discount internal polls like many do because if the polling outfit get's it wrong they lose credibility and aren't likely to get hired again. I think that primary campaigns help the eventual winner unless they get out of hand like what happened in the 2008 10th CD Republican primary contest. Governor Tom Cabot and the PA GOP driving out John Rafferty may have hurt Freed. I'm not ready to declare victory for Kane unlike my friend from NEPartsan  "Kane, I think, is a winner.  I’ll even call it now." I thought that Murphy would win the primary easy, shows what I know. Campaigns matter and there is long way to go. 

David Freed put out a web video that I picked up from his Facebook page. It's titled "I Represent the Commonwealth."

He starts out giving his qualifications saying he is the only  elected prosecutor in the race who has been efficient running his office. Then he gives the crowd of Republicans some red meat  bringing up the death penalty. At 2:20 in the video he says " the drug dealers will not know what hit them when we get into the Attorney General's office." I'm not sure what to make of that statement. Is he admitting that all t he last  Republican Attorney General's have failed in the War on Drugs. More and more  people have been locked up over drug offenses over the last 50 years and yet the poison is more available than ever before. That flies in the face of his statement that we should be smart on crime and should be talking about how to keep people out of jail. How many politicians have promised to lock up all the drug dealers? That's worked out well. Such claptrap. Then he rails against unconstitutional power grabs by the Federal Government like Obamcare  and "unconstitutional" EPA regulations. "We are going to stand up to the Federal Government.." That should work out, after you get sick because your air and water are polluted you won't be able to get health care. Does this guy want to be a prosecutor or a legislator? 


Check out his eyes.

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