Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Break

Turned into Spring Cleaning. I took a few days off from work and the blog to deal with Mrs. G's Honey Do list. We have an enclosed porch that was a present from her Dad when we went on vacation a few years ago and like most enclosed porches it has turned into a junk room. So we spent the last 2 days ripping it apart and cleaning everything of dirt and dog hair.

So I missed a few political stories this week but this is traditionally the slow season for politics although with the 24 hour news cycle that may have changed. We will be at the Metro Bar & Grill tomorrow and I'm thinking of doing an event there in June for bloggers, politicians and friends. Call it Hit the Deck. Maybe a big pink pig may show up.

I should be back in action next week. Quincy got into the spirit by shredding a discarded box.

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Mrs. G said...

Glad I had a chance to read the blog today. Otherwise, I wouldn't know I was going out for dinner tomorrow.