Saturday, May 05, 2012

Mundy says Toohil plagiarized her bill

In 2009 State Rep Phyllis Mundy (D-120th) wrote a bill to address some of the problems in the juvenile justice system in response to the Juvie Brother's scandal.  It passed the State House but it died in the Republican controlled Senate. In 2011 Tarah Toohil ((R-116th) introduced a similar bill. It passed the House and the Senate.

TL: “It’s not word for word, but it’s my bill. It’s my idea and pretty much my language,” Mundy said. Mundy made a comment about Toohil’s legislation on the House floor, saying “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Of course Toohil denies that she was cheating like some kid on a high school term paper  saying she modeled her legislation on recommendations of the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice, which is why it’s similar. She said she didn’t base her bill on Mundy’s...“I don’t care who gets it done, I just want it to get done,” she said, adding that Mundy should receive credit for her work on juvenile justice issues.


Anonymous said...

I was happy Phylliss admitted both side did the same thing. When she criticized how blatant the Gop was in their redistricting (no question it was)but she is the last one to talk. Her district was the one solid GOP district and over the years she managed to have a number of GOP areas removed and replaced by Democratic strongholds.

McGruff said...

Tell me what you want me to pay attention to and I will twll you who you are. Mundy is an attention craver. Who cares who got the bill through. Mundy so quickly forgets the partisianship her and Eachus had going, stopping every Republican effort dead in its tracks. The children are the important ones here, not Mundy. And to pander this issue to the public shows that her politics come before her constituents. She's more worried about her paycheck than the fact the children got the protection they needed. Mundy asked about placement rates in 2005 and did no followup. It wasn't until the Juvenile Law Center pushed the issue in 2008 that it got steam. If she was truly doing this for the children this should be a non-issue but she is disingenous in her real motive here. With all of Phyllis's senority, 11 terms, evidently Tarah's voice is louder than hers.