Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watching the Phillies in the dentist chair

The way this season has gone so far it seemed appropriate that  I got to watch the Phillie's beat the Astro's in an uncomfortable way. Cliff Lee cruised through 8 innings giving up just 1 run with the usual anemic offense only producing 3 runs. Top of the ninth with a 3-1 lead then Murphy's law kicked in. Chad Qualles was brought in to close it because Paplebon was not available. He gave up 2 runs with some help when Hunter Pence who dropped a ball on the exchange from glove to hand let the tying run in. So it went into extra's.

At this point  Dr. Edwards stopped screwing  around with my teeth and watched the ball game with me. When I pointed out that the next pitcher was a rookie making his 1st Major League appearance she said " he  must be shitting his pants." Jake Diekman did well. He got the last out in the 9th and then put down the visiting team 1-2-3 in the 10th. Then Hunter Pence went from goat to hero when he hit a Hone Run  to win the game in the bottom of the 10th.

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