Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scollo calls for civility

This dropped into my inbox last week.I agree that the rhetoric needs to be toned downed.

I was shocked to read today that the U.S. Capitol Police have had to assign additional security to protect Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill after Scott Boston, a Tea Party activist, said:

"We have to kill the Claire Bear, ladies and gentlemen."

This is totally unacceptable and horrific language.

Free speech is at the core of liberty, but threats of violence--particularly against women--are completely unacceptable. It's this type of rhetoric that many believe lead to the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona just last

Making matters worse, Senator McCaskill’s Tea Party opponent, Sarah Steelman, defended Mr. Boston, and her campaign’s paid spokesperson applauded his statement. Sickening.

I also saw that my opponent, Congressman Tom Marino, just voted to support the Republican House bill to re-authorize the Violence Against Women's Act.

That's why I am asking Congressman Marino to join me in denouncing in the strongest possible language the use of violent language by this Missouri Tea Party activist and the approval of that language by Claire's opponent's campaign.

I will be reaching out to the Congressman shortly in the hopes of coordinating a joint statement.

Thank you,
Phil Scollo

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