Thursday, May 03, 2012

Looking to the fall: State Rep 119th District

This is a rematch between  freshman state rep Gerald Mullery  and Republican Rick Arnold . In 2010 this was an open seat because John Yudichak decided to run for State Senator. Mullery won a 3 way Democratic primary snagging 50% of the vote. In the fall Mullery topped the poll with 8631 votes 52% to Arnold's 7274 44% with Libertarian Brian Bergman getting 741 4%.

Both Rick and Gerry made it to last Blogfest which has become the premier local political event of the election season.

The latest campaign finance report shows that Mullery has $8636 cash on hand but oddly I can't find a report for Arnold for 2012 or 2011. Nothing unusual jumps out on Mullery's reports. He raised money from some unions and most of his individual donors live in his district. Looking at the expenditures he doesn't use his campaign like a personal ATM paying for things like lunch, gasoline, dry cleaning and clothing like some other candidates.

Another oddity is that Mullery's campaign website is blank.

Mullery railed against the latest gerrymander like the one before it and offered a solution.

CV: Mullery offered amendments to the proposed maps that would keep the greater Hazleton area, Luzerne County’s South Valley region, the Mountain Top communities, the Five Mountain region and greater Wilkes-Barre together in their respective legislative districts.
He said splitting them is “unnecessary” and he doesn’t believe the new plans for state maps meet the requirements mandated by the state constitution

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Anonymous said...

Down in the Capitol for lobby day. Just met with Rep. Mullery and asked him to fight for us and help restore the cuts to LTC. I just left the Bureau of Elections. Rick Arnold did not file his campaign report and, according to the lady at the office, he is being fined everyday until he does file. Why does this not shock me? Thought you and your readers would like to know.