Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Looking to the fall: State Rep 120th District

I was going to a roundup of the 3 competitive Luzerne County state rep races in one post but decided to address them individually. Since I started blogging I think I have given more ink (ether, pixels) to state rep races than any other local blogger and maybe as much space as the local papers.I always cover the underdogs in these races.

At a rally that  Phyllis Mundy recently hosted for him our next likely Congressman Matt Cartwright said ""Phyllis is a giant in the Democratic Party." So that raises the question can Republican Aaron Kaufer be a giant killer? Probably not but that is why we have elections.

In the recent primary election with an abysmal turnout Mundy got 4210 votes to Kaufer's 2917. In the 2010 primary she gathered 5400 to Republican West Pittston mayor Bill Goldsworthy 3223.The General Election results returned Phylis to Harrisburg  in the very Republican/Tea Party year of  2010 winning a solid 53% 10,153, to Goldsworthy's 6154 32% with Libertarian Tim Mullen mounting a valiant effort finishing with 2858 15%.

Looking at the campaign finance reports on the PA Department of State Mundy is way out in front with $48,000 cash on hand to Kaufer's $3300. Mundy raised $21K since the beginning of the year adding to the balance carried over. Kaufer snagged $6375in contributions  which is a surprise. One item on Kaufer's CFR that piqued my interest was this in-kind contribution from Sheldon Kaufer of $6000. It is described as Office rent for Jan., Feb.,March 2012. Who get's 2 grand a month for office space around here?

I like Aaron and you all know that Phyllis is one of my top 5 legislators.

Below are a few challengers that Phyllis has vanquished in the past and may in the future

L to R

Bill James, Aaron Kaufer, Rick Arnold ( another district), Tim Mullen, Bill Goldsworthy, John Cordora


Anonymous said...

I think I would have to agree with your perdiction. If I was running against phyllis I would run against the whole Harrisburg system. The Harrisburg crowd seems to have taken better care of themselves than the Washington pols. The salaries and benefits they have given themselves is obscene.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis For Congress 2014

Anonymous said...

Good idea, let's move Phyllis from what should be a Re[publican district and give it back to the Republicans and then defeat our Congressman who will be in the process of gaining seniority in Congress. You 4:14 PM must be a strong and conniving Republican.