Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Yahoo email was hacked

Here we go again.

Sorry about that folks. Yesterday my inbox filled up with 150 Mail Daemon messages which alerted me that my email account had been compromised again. Thanks to everybody who emailed and called to let me know that something was up

This time it looks like the worm got a hold of my entire address book and sent out multiple spam messages. Again my apologies. So if you see a subject line from titled "hey" You know it wasn't sent by me.

I'm sure most of you figured that out and deleted it immediately but if you didn't and clicked on the link there is a possibility that your computer has been infected by maleware. I'm running all the protection software to combat this but it may not be enough.


Mr. F. said...

I guess this is redundant then. Good luck. I forwarded it back to you with the link intact. (Just so you'd see what was sent.)

Michelle D said...

When did you say the macbook was arriving?

Anonymous said...

Why use the gmail icon for your yahoo being hacked?