Sunday, November 19, 2006

Barletta on 60 minutes tonight

TL: The CBS news program airing tonight will feature interviews with Mayor Lou Barletta, citizens of Hazleton and a spokesman for the coalition challenging the Illegal Immigration Relief Act and English Only ordinances.

The local papers are demanding that he release the names of people who have donated to his legal defense fund which is funny in the case of the Times-Leader since they won't even tell you who owns the paper. One big donor from Philadelphia has gone public. Joey Vento, owner of Geno's Steaks that made headlines over the summer for an English-only ordering policy, says he's proud to have given $10,000. It was interesting to read in the Philly papers that Geno's uses imported beef from South America. The other segments of the show sound more compelling. Stories about Joe Namath and the dwindling number of tigers in Indian jungles. Lou is extending his fifteen minutes of fame while people and businesses flee Hazleton.

I just watched th 60 minutes piece. The number one news show in the country is featuring the Mayor of Hazleton Lou Barletta about his efforts to rid his town of illegal aliens. Although he can’t actually prove illegal aliens are the source of all crime in that small town. But it makes for good press and that’s what he is about. I know I’m in the minority about doubting his efforts and motivation in this adventure. When I point out that Italians were looked upon with suspicion a hundred years ago because they looked different and had another religion people say “oh right.” It’s easy and dangerous to blame a minority for all your problems.

They reffered to the the wilds of PA and said the mayor is making a name for himself. "If the federal govt was doing something about it we wouldn’t be talking about it today." I agree with that. Then he confesses "Nobody knows how many illegals are here." And alleged that "The police are overwhelmed." Then he said he wants to make landlords and employers into INS agents.

The people they interviewed left town because they don’t feel safe.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Gort you are painting Barletta with wide brush. Barletta won the hispanic vote in both of his elections and has made the hispanics real partners in the hazleton communitty, and recognized them as an important part of Hazleton's stability. lets face it no hispanics the town would be dead by now. In the past few years legal residents and citizens coming from New York are being replaced by illegals from all over. He is doing the Hispanics a favor buy getting rid of the ones that give them a bad name. It is unreasonable to say Barletta is a nativists consdiering many of the white racists in Halzeton have accussed Mayor Lou taking bribes to bus in Hispanics. Barletta is looking out for the interest of all citiezens and legal resdients of hazleton.
on a side note i hate how people are complaining about Genos. Its his bussiness he can do whatever he wants. Its unfortuante he has better signs liek a memeorial to dainiel Faulkner, the man who was killed by that terrorist Mumia

David Yonki said...

I thought the show was to use a phrase "fair and balanced". Barletta knows this is a hot button issue and given his sincere belief in what he is saying, this will take him a long way politically. The fact that his police force had a few murders to contend with is a sad fact of life in 2006 even here in quiet little NEPA. But the funniest line I heard about all the crime in Hazleton, committed by legals or illegals was one guy who called WILK Talk Radio up a few weeks back and said, "Two murders in Hazleton in a year? They consider that a good night in Wilkes Barre!"

Gort said...

Bill, Barletta Blew it. In his zeal to help Santorum's re-election he helped reverse years of Republican efforts to win the Hispanic vote. Remember in 2000 when Bush was campaigning in Latino areas and speaking in Spanish? Didn't happen this time and the exit polls showed the Dem's won 70% of the Hispanic vote. If you subtract the Cuban vote in Florida it's even worse.Yes, we have to get control of our boarders but the Mayor of Hazleton doesn't control our borders.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

but he can control the crime in his city, he can prevent lanlord from renting to illegals and businesses from hiring them, but he cant deport them
we agree if the feds did there job it would be unnecessary
and santorum has done much more for the hispanics than casey will ever do
We need a guest worker program(not for the people here) but not until after we secure the bprders and give the illegas here a 2 or thre years to go home and get in the back of line, which hopefully will not be as DMVish now
But the Democrats have offered no solution on this problem,