Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last minute mud

Some people got a hit piece about Eddie Pahinski in the mail the last few days. I'm disappointed I wasn't one of them. It attacks him for being a teacher, union leader and his present employment. When people start mouthing off about how school teachers have their health insurance paid for I reject the envy and ask why isn't everyone's? The tag line is Eddie will raise your taxes. What politician, Republican or Democrat, hasn't raised taxes in Pennsylvania? Right before the primary that paragon of virtue City-Wide Towing owner Bob Kadluboski had a similar piece of garbage printed in the Voice without attribution. I doubt if Christine Katsock had anything to do with this as she has always been squeaky clean.

Mark is all over it.


Anonymous said...

Squeaky clean?

Her entire campaign is nothing of substance. She has run negative television and radio commercials, and now is sending out a cheesy mailer about "The Katsock Plan" -- what a joke! She lost four times for a reason, she's unqualified. Selling jewelry on eBay is not a good enough qualification to represent me in Harrisburg.

Gort said...

She follows the rules as does Eddie. She runs negative ads but takes responsibility for them. It's part of the game.

W-Bkeeper said...

Man this race took a turn for the worse, with 48hrs left... I think Ed will win, not that I'm happy about, but I do think he will be two years and out

Anonymous said...

The Times Leader is reporting that Katsock may have stolen some of Pasinski's signs. I believe that letter was probably written by her, but like Wilkes-Barre Online said, its just politics as usual.