Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More on 2008

I know this a local political blog but it's fun to speculate on the next Presidential election. This is the silly season when we can all size up the field before the election gets close and we all start tearing each others heads off.

Rudy Giuliani was in Wilkes-Barre yesterday to talk about leadership and sanitation.

Giuliani not talking White House -- yet

To Republicans, Giuliani says, "You have to go back to your principles. We have to say, what can we do better? The list should include reducing spending and pork barrel projects, and finding better ways of dealing with corruption, he said.The election also indicated Americans want cooperation between the parties, Giuliani said. An issue to start with that both agree on is the need for immigration reform...He quoted another famous former New York mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia: "There is no Democratic or Republican way to pick up the garbage, only the right way to do it."

After telling our local reporters he isn't ready to announce that he is running for President he forms an exploratory committee. Remember this paragraph because you're going to see it many more times:

The former mayor is a moderate who supports gun control, same-sex civil unions, embryonic stem-cell research and abortion rights - stands that would put him at odds with the majority of the GOP conservative base.

Chris Bowers at MyDD thinks he's the frontrunner:

Here is the thing: right now, I actually think Giuliani should be considered the favorite to win the Republican nomination. As much as the Republican base has been raised up as an all-powerful, unstoppable conservative force (which might be true, since they did win the 2006 elections for conservatives) the truth is, and always has been, that Republican money runs the show... Unless Republican money sides with someone besides Giuliani, and I don't see that happening right now, I would have to consider him the Republican favorite. Not to mention that he will have what is left of the Republican libertarian and Rockerfeller wings all to himself, while a zillion wingnuts vie for the title of theocon of the year during 2007 (including, probably, McCain)

His biggest asset is his performance on 9/11 but Talk Left points out that many of the 9/11 families don't have a high opinion of him:

Rudy Guliani was greeted with heckles by families of 9/11 victims today as he as he appeared for his testimony before the 9/11 Commission.

Local bloggers Dr. Rick and the Yonk like him. I think Chris is wrong and the poll he put on his post shows most of his readers agree. Rudy just won't sell in the South or with the fundamentalists. It's McCain's turn, he will get the money and Bush will back him.


David Yonki said...

Rudy has a story to tell. In this age of one dimensional political imagery, he may cross the great divide of the north and south in telling that 911 story. Yet there are pitfalls like after telling that story in the south, or the conservative west, will some voters ask the following:
What's this about you living with two gay guys before 911 happened because your wife threw you out?
Or, you mean you're pro choice?
Or, your wife, Judith, wasn't that the same woman you were taking to Yankee games when your wife and the kids were in Gracie mansion?
NOTE: As a reformed womanizer, you never, ever parade bimbo #5 in front of the wife's house, friends or face. But I digress. For as much as I love Rudy, the GOP question of family values, our values, is going to come up and most likely wreck his chances. But his presence in the race will excite it, give the GOP a moderate option it has not had since the days of Nelson Rockefeller and add to the discourse of the 2008 race.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Im torn I like the slogan "ride the McCain train to Victory", but who dossent love chanting "Rudy"
Rudy is the only person who can out "Madonna" Hillary in the sense only one name is needed
and it seem like JP Stevens and our RBGinsburg will retire so we can get our fifth Justice, then Scalia Retires for someone younger and Abortion is a non factor becuase it will become a state issue

Gary said...

I hate Rudy...

How ya gonna preach sanctity of marriage with him on the ballot? Mr. 2-Divorces!


I have changed my mind...Go Rudy!

Anonymous said...

Down with tyranny has pictures of him in drag:


Anonymous said...

As usual I disagree with GORT once again. You don't have to be a right wing Rep to garner the nomination. Giuliani is perfect, a moderate Rep, who has plenty of appeal with Dem's also. I hate to say it but I may even entertain the thought of voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Anybody Bush backs is going to lose, so forget about that as being a positive for the REP nomination.

Anonymous said...

Rudy is not pro-life

mean old man said...

You commie creeps got it all wrong---ladies and gents--unfold your flags and get ready to wave--have no fear of the brief commie takeover in Washington! The next President of the USof A--Our Sainted Sen. Rick Santorum!!! Despite the fact that the Commie Casey stole the election off of him--there is a silver lining--now he will spend the time that he would have been using protecting and advancing the Keystone state to concentrate on his campaign. And I have the perfect running mate for our esteemed Sen. and President to be-- that gallant fighter from Jefferson's Virginia--another victim of a stolen election--Sen. George Allen--who by the way was robbed by a Viet Vet who was brainwashed by the Commies. Take that you Liberal crazies--I hate you all!!!!!!

Doctor Rick said...

Yudy could carry almost every state without a problem. Not to mention, who wants to be the person who is critical of Rudy.

RAIN MAN said...

I think the Mean Old Man has been drinking too much of his home made moon shine!

LVDem said...

who wants to be the person to criticize McCain... how about the most conservative candidate in teh 2008 primary. Pro-choice, pro-gay marriage... those sound like labels thrown at Democrats.

If McCain and Rudy run, this will be one of the most amazingly destructive primaries ever. Both men hit to kill and that's significant.

BTW, I'd be shocked if Bush got into the primary personally. He might encourage donors, but by and large, he'll need to stay out or risk alienating large parts of the party.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rick if we aren't critical of our government then we are but little more than sheep. I will criticize Rudy in a heartbeat if he runs against one of my choices. I will criticize how he doesn't have conservative values, how he is the last to speak on family values and the fact he is from New York.

mean old man said...

I'd like to take my Louisville slugger to the skulls of all the Commie pinkos out there who are criticizing a fine young man like Dr. Rick--how about throwing your brickbats at the Mao worshipping heathen who runs this site?? My wife Thelma Jean and I sleep easier at night knowing that BLoggerville is presided over by a fine young Conservative like Doctor Rick--even if he does endorse the Commie Giuliani! Hey, even Good Republicans can get it wrong once in a while. Damned Liberals--I hate you all!!! Drop Dead!!

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

McCain is pro life and anti marriage amendment, but not pro gay marriage