Sunday, November 12, 2006

What happens when the novelty wears off?

PLAINS TWP. – The slot machines at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs are sure to be a losing proposition for many visitors, but they are shaping up as guaranteed jackpots for nearby hotels.

The slots are off and running at Pocono Downs. Plains Township is already spending the promissed money on street paving and the local school boards hope it results in some tax relief. The LCTA is adding stops at the Racino while eliminating stops at grocery stores. The United Way provided a guest list of high rollers for the test run, most of whom will never be back. The hotels are talking about adding rooms to cash in on the additional traffic and the local gas stations will see an uptick in business.

From what I've read this facility is not being marketed in a way to draw out-of-town business but to bring in the locals. We can expect more glowing stories in the local media about what a "success" it is until the other slots parlors open. Then all the promises of a never ending stream of revenue will dry up.

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soccermike said...

The novelty won't wear off. There will be some guy from some place far from here making a 2 plus hr drive to try to hit the jack pot. I think when they are done with the other section adding another 3,000 slots, that's when the marketing will begin. Right now it's word of mouth, I could see a cross promotion with the hotel in Conn. since they have tables etc.