Monday, November 06, 2006

Endorsements and predictions

I've been cruising the web to see what my bog buddies are thinking about tomorrow.

Lehigh Valley Ramblings says Rapid Edward and Boring Bob will win big and laments the lost opportunity of knocking off Charlie Dent in the 15th CD. He also weighs in on the Lehigh Valley state house races.

Our calorie and neatness challenged friend A Big Fat Sob started this frenzy by saying Rendell and Casey will prevail and gives his picks on the Senate races plus the PA House contests.

next direction also picks Rendell and Casey plus calling Sestak, Lois Murphy and Chris Carney winners. But his heart is in the Pa-8th contest. He's calling Patrick Murphy a winner over Fitzpatrick in a nail biter.

LVDem has the guv and Casey winning big but predicts a mixed result in the House races with the Democrats picking up the 6th, 7th and 10th districts. He also goes into detail about the Lehigh Valley state house races.

Another Monkey and Fact-esque don't trust the electronic voting machines. Neither do I.

Jane congratulates candidates that didn't have a prayer for showing up. No matter what you always want a choice.

I'm surprised to read that the Bob Casey Blog and Santorum Blog think their guy will win.

The All Spin Zone has a poll asking what is your biggest issue.

On the other side Courage of Conviction likes Santorum and Lynn Swann and shocks us by picking a Democrat in the 199th State House District.

The Pennsylvania Progressive hasn't made any explicit endorsements but you know where he stands. How about some predictions John?

The Yonk is not shy. The Lu Lac Political Letter endorses Rendell and Casey but crosses the aisle to pick Joe Leonardi and Christine Katsock.

W-B Citizens On Line is predicting a Katsock victory. But picks the Dems in the other hot contests.

And Wilkes-Barre Politics is predicting a Democratic blowout.

Lehigh Valley Crack Addict has a hazy view of the whole thing.

Blogger wont let me upload pictures at the moment and I expect more problems tommorow.


PA progressive said...

I posted my predictions Friday evening and my endorsments weekend before last.
Check tomorrow morning for how I'll cast my ballot.

I was up your way again yesterday covering Chris Carney. Posted a bunch of pictures.


Gort said...

send me the link.

PA progressive said...



I endorsed Rendell for Guv and no one for Senate.

PennPatriot said...

Gort here are my predictions at PennPatriot Online.