Thursday, November 30, 2006

The next Luzerne County Commissioner

County controller will try for Vonderheid’s seat

Luzerne County Controller Maryanne Petrilla plans to climb to the next rung of the political ladder in 2007...She officially declared her candidacy Wednesday for the spot now held by Commissioner Todd Vonderheid, who will not seek re-election next year.

Petrilla’s campaign platform is focusing on economic development to create new jobs, fighting the county’s drug and crime problems and reducing costs while maintaining or improving services.

Her platform is the usual dribble that we have been hearing forever. More jobs, cut costs, less crime and lock up all the drug dealers. I'll believe it when I see it.

When it comes to more jobs Luzerne County is in the same hole as many other communities. A company will promise to come to the area if local taxing authorities will give away the store to them. The last time I looked programs like KOZ Zones haven't created many jobs and you and me pay the difference. The so called War on Drugs by the national government is directly responsible for the rise in crime and the overcrowding of local jails and local governments can only offer band-aid solutions. Then there is the dishonesty of every politician that wants to cut costs and taxes while promising more programs.

She wants to be Greg Skrepenak's running mate but he is saying he will wait and see who else comes forward. Bullshit. It will be her and Skrep running as a team. This quote from Skrepnak made me laugh:

"The budget is balanced. We have some quality projects in the works. The attitude in this county has changed. We can’t lose that momentum.”

The budget might be balanced now because of refinancing of the long term debt that future Commissioners will have to find a way to pay for and even more money will have to be borrowed to pay for a new county jail. How much more money can this county borrow?


Anonymous said...

She will be a bad commissioner and Skrep already is. Who would think a lineman from the NFL would be good at running a county? Oh yeah, the dumb Democrats that vote Democrat no matter what because they were told ever since they were babies the anyone other than a Democrat is evil. We need to look past party lines and find a candidate that is the best suited for the job. Luzerne County is in said shape because of this backward thinking and it'll never change until these Democrat voters take control of their minds and use it to think!!!

David Yonki said...

skrep was the logical genrational choice for the dems. remember, frank crossin senior played pro basketball for the philadelphia warriors before he became a state rep and then commissioner. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

I hate Skrep more than anyone but dont paint O lineman with a broad brush we are smartest players, we have to read the d line and the lbs, make calls and than execute immedately on the snap

Anonymous said...

Yeah O-Lineman need to be knowledgeable about defensive schemes and blitzing packages, but how does that translate into knowing the workings of a county government?

Anonymous said...

I guess we should expect Gerry McNamara and maybe Bob Sura in office some day!

Anonymous said...

Nah Sura hates our region and well G Mac would have stood a better chance than Bob Mac in that State Senate race lol. I voted for Skrep an will never make that mistake again, I thought since he went to Michigan he might have picked up some academia but in the long run all he picked up were a few trophies and wasted a Michigan Scholarship when it came to the classroom

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

More than any other postiuon except QB, haha,
But Im just saying call him inept, call him unqualkified but dont say it is becuase he playe O LINE

Anonymous said...

anyone else know any real candidates? Im kind of sick of Skrep....he's just a dissapointment

J. O'Manachain said...

Sura hates our area? He's always giving to G.A.R. and Mayflower Little League.

I can't stand Skrep. Mostly because he's a UMich grad and that just grinds my gears. According to, a skrep is a "skanky prep who is a poser but can't help themselves; one who tries to steal other peoples boyfriends:someone who dates three guys/girls or more at the same time mainly refering to Mallory."

Used in a sentence: "Kenny will never go for thatt skrep!"