Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bond triplets?

In a worst-case scenario, Barletta said, the city would have to float a bond to cover the cost of the legal bills and pay it back on debt service over 20 or so years.

Insurance company does not want to pay

Hazleton's errors and omissions insurance carrier has filed a suit against the city, asking a court to find it not liable for legal bills stemming from the lawsuit involving the Illegal Immigration Relief Act or the pending appeal.

The insurance company covers Hazleton for errors in law enforcement, not errors in law construction and they argue the city's ordinance was the latter. I'm not crazy about insurance companies but I see the point. Hazleton passed this ordinance knowing full well that they were going to be sued and even invited it.

My question is why is Rick Santorum and his fundraising prowess absent from all this? The small town defender website is tapering off and this whole thing started because Ricky needed a campaign issue and put Barletta up to it. But it's not surprising that Rick doesn't remember his friends. Just ask Carl Romanelli, who still owes over $80,000 trying to get on the ballot to help him.

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