Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lawyers, guns and money

Hazleton is looking at big legal bill over the immigration folly. Mayor Lou Barletta's quest for fame might cost the the taxpayers plenty in the coming years. The case been appealed to the 3rd cicuit but according to How Appealing less than 10% of trial judges rulings are overturned. The plantiffs have asked for $2.4 million in legal fees which seems excesive and Mayor Lou is the first to point that out. “We believe this bill is padded with the intent to bankrupt us. I don’t expect any judge will award that amount.” Barletta is still begging for money to pay the lawyers the city hired let alone the damages. I understand the argument against illegal immigration but a liitle town in Pennsylvania can't change federal law. It was stupid to even try.

This country was built by immigrants. There wasn't many rules before 1923 on who could get into the country. Since then the US Government has made coming into the US to live here a living hell of paperwork..


danny said...

Dammit. I just posted something about the $2.4M and titled it "Lawyers, Guns and Money."

I'd change it but it's just to good. Kudos for beating me to it and having great taste in music.

Doctor Rick said...

Gort,...still foolish

Gort said...

What am I foolish about Rick? Barletta is the Fool on the Hill.

Gort said...

Danny, It's a kick ass song. I was just waiting for an excuse to use it.